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Hippie Pipe Review

Published: Nov 15, 2022
Updated: Feb 12, 2024

Review Summary

The Hippie Pipe is a practical and portable analog vape pen. It uses a torch instead of an electric power source and has a telescopic heating chamber that makes it easy to scoop up herbs. If you’re looking for an analog one-hitter with a small oven, this can be one of your top choice.

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MSRP $79


The Hippie Pipe Design

The Hippie Pipe is Hippie's first manual-heat vaporizer. I've tried their Hippie Nano+ cartridge and W concentrate vaporizers, which I was impressed by, especially for the price. 

The Hippie Pipe is an analog device for dry herbs that is adaptable and effective. It has a wholesome look with a wood finish and a traditional style. 

It comes as direct competition to Dynavap M, and the two vapes work similarly, which is different from most dry herb vapes (vape-smart.com).  

The Hippie Pipe retails for $79.99 at vape-smart.com

Design and Features

The Hippie Pipe Design Analog vaporizer

The Hippie Pipe is a super-slim one-hitter vape pen, similar to a ballpen. It has a wooden handle with stainless steel parts, including the mouthpiece, a chamber housing, and a chamber with the attached vapor path and spring. 

Its diameter is comparable to Dynavap M, and it is significantly taller. It is nice and light, much like a Dynavap. It is also handy and pocket-friendly.  

The Hippie Pipe is made from rosewood, carbon fiber, and stainless steel. The materials feel high-end and give it a vintage feel.  

It is compact, portable, and modular, making it simple to take apart in seconds—ideal for keeping things spotless. 


The Hippie Pipe Chamber review

Analog and battery-free: It is a discreet, pocket-sized vape pen that runs without batteries or other technological components. This non-electronic vape is practical and portable, but it needs a jet flame lighter that runs on butane to start a session.

Telescopic Heating Chamber: The spring-loaded mouthpiece of the Hippie Pipe opens to expose a bowl into which you may scoop or load 0.15 grams of weed. Close it with a twist, warm the chamber and silver ring thoroughly, and then watch for the indicator slot to change color.

Usage and Heating


The Hippie Pipe Design Dry Herb Chamber

The spring-loaded loading zone allows you to insert about 0.15 grams of flower—roughly equivalent to a Dynavap tip. It enjoys how easy it is to load and unload this unit. Load your flower using the expanded nose of the device and some ground-up herbs. 

Heating the Pipe

The tip only needs to be heated, preferably with a butane torch, and you must wait for the indicator to change from red to black. All you need to do to start your session should be to take a breath once the indication changes. It will change from red to black when it has cooled down.

The Hippie Pipe Mouthpiece

Cleaning of the Pipe

First, you must disassemble the pipe. Use alcohol; rubbing alcohol is preferred, and let it soak the dismantle for an hour. After, wipe them or let them dry. Use the cleaning brush to be more precise. Then, reassemble the pipe. 


The Hippie Pipe provides a fresh approach to a world of battery-operated vaporizers. It produces clean vapor. It has a design that is comfortable and small. It also has a unique herb chamber that has an indicator to change color whenever it's heated or cool. 

The Hippie Pipe can be the best partner with a double jet flame torch lighter. You can quickly load your herb, and it is easy to clean the pipe. 

The Hippie Pipe is a strong contender to become your next favorite non-electronic vape pen. It is worth the cost and may endure a long time with proper maintenance.


General Specs

  • Compatible: Dry Herb
  • Released Date: Aug 2022
  • Body Material: Rosewood
  • Mouthpiece Material: Metal
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Heating Element

  • Temperature Settings: 356°F


  • Battery Capacity: mAh


  • Overall Score: 4.1

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