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The Breezy is a sleek oil vape that’s compatible with any 510-threaded CBD/THC carts. It has a fast heat time and features 4 voltage settings to customize your vaping profile. It has two magnetic adapters that allow the device to hold either 0.5g or 1g oil carts. Overall, the Breezy is a decent conceal-type oil vape that provides great value for its price.

Design & Features

Kind Breezy Battery

The Breezy by Kind Pen (View Store) is a simple and easy to use oil vape that has an ergonomic design. It has a curvy box-shaped body that fits easily in my hand and feels kind of hefty for its size since it's made of durable metal. 

There's a button on its side to turn on/off the device and cycle through four different voltage settings. On top, it has an 11mm opening that fits 510-threaded THC/CBD cartridges. It also has stylish LED Lights located underneath the cartridge opening that indicates the battery life and voltage settings.

Magnetic Threaded Adapters

The Breezy features two magnetic adapters for 0.5g and 1g oil carts. Once it's attached you can drop the cartridge into the opening and it'll fit pretty tight. The cartridge isn't also as exposed and prone to breaking compared to putting it on pen-style batteries such as the KandyPens 510 Battery (Review). 

How To Use

Kind Breezy Oil Vape

Most oil vapes are simple and straightforward to use and the Breezy is no different. It has a single-button interface to turn on/off the device, activate the preheat function, and cycle through different voltage settings. To use it you need to:

  1. Screw your cartridge onto the magnetic adapter then place it into the cartridge chamber
  2. Turn on the device by pressing the power button five times.
  3. (Optional) Activate the pre-heat function by pressing the power button twice.
  4. Press the power button three times to select a voltage setting.
  5. Hold the power button and inhale from the mouthpiece.

Preheat Function: This calibrates the wax to the right temperature so that you'll get most of your hits. To activate it, press the power button twice.

Voltage Settings: You can cycle through different settings by pressing the power button three times. It has the following voltages- 2.8v, 3.2v, 3.6v, & 4.0v.

Performance & Vapor Quality

Kind Breezy Review

The Breezy heats up fast which allows me to take a quick session whenever I want. It can hold any 510-threaded carts nice and tight so the cartridge won't fall off during a session or even if the device is in my pocket/purse. 

The Breezy is versatile too since it has 4 voltage settings compared to standard oil vapes that typically have three voltage settings. Also, it can hold both 0.5g and 1g of carts as opposed to some oil vapes that can't hold bigger cartridges such as the C-Box Mini.

Kind Breezy Magnetic Adapters

As usual, the vapor quality depends on the cartridge that you're using. I personally use Bloom Farms CBD or Jetty CBD which has high CBD content and exquisite flavor selections. I like vaping at the lowest voltage setting since it produces a mild and tasty vapor which works great for covert vaping. While the highest setting produces harsh and denser vapor that helped me relax after a busy day of work.

Battery Performance: The Breezy has a decent battery life that could last a day of casual vaping. It recharges in under an hour and uses a micro-USB charger. It could have been better if the Breezy has a USB-C charging port to charge much faster. Also, Kind Pen offers a lifetime warranty on their products so whenever your vape stopped working, you can get a replacement.

Bottom Line

Kind Breezy Oil Vape Review

Overall, the Breezy is a functional and durable oil vaporizer: It's slim and stealthy which makes it easy to carry wherever I go. It heats up fast and features 4 voltage settings that let me customize my session. Finally, it has a decent battery life packed in a light and compact design. 

For a $50 conceal-type battery, this is probably the best you can get but if you're looking for a premium oil vape for your favorite THC/CBD cartridges, I recommend the KandyPens Special K (Review) which is currently the best 510 battery this 2024.


General Specs

  • Compatible: 510 Carts
  • Released Date: Dec 2020
  • Body Material: Metal
  • Smartphone App: No
  • Vibration Notification: No
  • Adjustable Airflow: No
  • Display Type: LED Indicators
  • Warranty: Lifetime

Heating Element

  • Oven Material: Stainless Steel
  • Oven Capacity: 0.3gr grams
  • 510 Thread: No
  • Coil Type: Stainless steel
  • Temperature Settings: 4 Levels
  • Heat up Time: 5-10


  • Charger Type: Micro-USB
  • Battery Type: Internal
  • Battery Capacity: 500mAh


  • Overall Score: 4.6/5

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