About this list

My name is Oron Mati (aka the Vape Guy), and since 2005, I have tested and rated hundreds of vaporizers for efficiency, vapor quality, design, and longevity (here on the website and on my YouTube channel). Here is more info about me and my review process.

Vapor Cups are the fastest-growing and most exciting category of concentrate vaporizers and have a unique (and potent) experience. 

The list above represents the highest-rated vapor cups of 2024 and is regularly updated as new vaporizers are released. I also included coupon codes when available. Let me know if any needs to be fixed. 

Trusted Retailers: All stores listed are authorized dealers I've personally ordered from. As ‘VapeGuy', I may earn a fee from purchases made through my links. For more details, see my affiliate disclosure.

What are vapor cups?

Vapor cups are concentrate vaporizers that use an internal pump that extracts vapor (from dabs or 510 carts) into a “cup,” which can then be “sipped” on-demand by the user. 

This innovative design offers a clean and controlled way to vaporize concentrates, plus it has a unique “wow” effect as the vapor fills the cup. Vapor cups are exceptionally approachable for new users, offering a simple usage experience. 

Most vapor cups are compatible with both dab concentrates and 510 thread carts.

Benefits of using a vapor cup

  1. Flexible Use: Unlike traditional vaporizers, where you have a continuous stream of vapor, with a vapor cup, you can sip as much vapor as you want at your own pace. This feature is especially beneficial for beginners, but it also packs a punch that will hit experienced users. This brings us to #2- potency.
  2. Potency: Msot Vapor cups have a pretty large cup that contains a lot of vapor. Sipping it is effortless compared to most vapes' traditional “inhale-to-extract” concept. Separating the extraction and inhalation allows a huge intake of vapor that will otherwise be inhaled slowly over a session of a few minutes. I've seen vapor cups hit (especially new users) very hard. 
  3. Ideal for Sharing: Vapor cups offer a unique and hygienic way to share vapes. Instead of passing around a device, users can take turns sipping from the cup (even with individual straws). This method reduces direct contact with the device, making it a more sanitary option for group sessions. Plus, it adds a communal aspect to the vaping experience, which is great for social settings.
  4. Wow Factor: Watching the vapor fill up the cup before sipping provides a visually engaging and novel experience. This feature not only enhances the user's personal enjoyment but also makes it a conversation starter and an attractive option for entertaining guests.


  • Are vapor cups compatible with dry herb?

    No, vapor cups are not designed for use with dry herbs. They are specifically created for vaporizing concentrates like waxes, resins, and oils.

  • Which concentrates are compatible with vapor cups?

    Most Vapor cups are compatible with dabs and 510 oil carts. Dabs (solid and semi-solid concentrates such as wax, shatter, crumble, rosin, and resin) are used in heating coils, and the carts connect to the vapor cup with a 510 thread.

  • How long does the vapor stay good in a vapor cup?

    The duration for which vapor remains effective in a vapor cup can vary depending on several factors, including the temperature setting, the type of concentrate used, and the environmental conditions (like air temperature and humidity). Generally, the vapor should be consumed relatively quickly (up to a minute) after production for the best experience. Prolonged exposure to air can lead to a decrease in potency and flavor.