About this list

My name is Oron Mati (aka the Vape Guy), and since 2005, I have tested and rated hundreds of vaporizers (here on the website and on my YouTube channel). I test them for efficiency, vapor quality, Design, and longevity. Here is more info about me and my review process.

A common question I often get from intermediate users is- “which is the best dab starw and why?” The list above represents my top choices for 2024 and is regularly updated as new eNails are released. I also included coupon codes when available. Let me know if any are not working correctly. 

Trusted Retailers: All stores listed are authorized dealers I've personally ordered from. As ‘VapeGuy', I may earn a fee from purchases made through my links. For more details, see my affiliate disclosure.

What are Dab Straws

Dab Straws (aka honey straws, vertical dabbers) are devices used to vaporize concentrates by dipping a hot tip or coil into them. This process causes the extracts to vaporize instantly upon contact, producing an inhalable vapor that is loaded with active compounds. Typically, Dab Straws come in the form of a straight tube with a mouthpiece on one end and a heating coil on the other end, which is often made of ceramic, quartz, or titanium.

The extract that is close enough to the tip of the coil gets vaporized directly from the jar. This process is often referred to as “dipping,” and it provides an efficient way to consume concentrates without the need to reload a coil and with zero wastage.

Benefits of using a dab straw

Dab Straws present a range of benefits when compared to dab pens and other concentrate vaporizers. Especially when it comes to efficiency, flavor, and control:

Zero Wastage: Consume Straight from the Jar: Dab Straws allow you to consume concentrates directly from their container. This method not only simplifies the process but also ensures that there's no waste of the product. You vaporize only as much as you need directly from the source, making every session fresh and efficient.

No Need for Constant Reloading of the Coil: One of the most convenient aspects of using a Dab Straw is the elimination of the need to constantly reload the coil with concentrate. Traditional methods often require frequent reloading after each use, but with a Dab Straw, you simply heat the tip and dip it into your concentrate, making the process seamless and continuous.

Less Cleanup Required: The simplicity of Dab Straws extends to their maintenance as well. Unlike more complex devices that can have several parts needing regular cleaning, Dab Straws are straightforward to maintain. The minimalistic design means less residue build-up and easier cleaning, saving time and effort.

Better Flavor Experience: Dab Straws are known for providing a superior flavor experience. The flavor of the concentrate is preserved and not subjected to prolonged heating. This results in a purer and more intense flavor profile, allowing users to fully appreciate the nuances of different concentrates.

Ultimate Control over Vaporization: The Design of Dab Straws offers users unparalleled control over their vaporization experience. By simply adjusting the proximity of the tip to the concentrate, you can control the amount being vaporized. Moving the tip closer will result in more vapor, while keeping it further away will produce a lighter hit. This level of control is ideal for users who want to tailor their sessions to their exact preferences, whether they seek a more potent hit or a lighter, more flavorful experience.