Last Updated: March 28, 2024

Rokin, established in 2016, is a vaping company that provides advanced technology and exceptional customer service. Named after the Rokin district in Amsterdam, the company aims to lead the vaping market by offering affordable, high-performing, and visually appealing products. Rokin can adapt rapidly to new and existing products with its family-owned and operated business structure. The company listens to customer feedback, making its initial product better than others in the market. Rokin’s products undergo rigorous testing, including consumer focus groups, to ensure the highest quality before production. Rokin also certifies its products to the latest FCC, CE, and RoHS standards, with RoHS being an added certification. SGS tests a sample lot of Rokin products at the production facility with the company’s inspection checklist to ensure product quality. Rokin treats customers as if they are part of the family and makes customer satisfaction a top priority.

Rokin Stores and Coupon Codes

Release date: Jun 2022
Temp settings: 4 Levels
Precise temp control: No