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Review Summary


The XMAX Qomo is an inexpensive, micro E-rig with a built-in water bubbler, a ceramic cup chamber with three temperature settings, an LED light indicator, and a 1350mAh battery that charges via USB-C. It’s probably one of the smallest all-in-one e-Rigs we’ve ever tested, and so far, the easiest one to use.


XMAX Qomo Erig Vaporizer Xmax Vaporizers

XMAX has been a player in the vaporizer space for a decade, and they’ve made some great headway with devices such as the dual-use pen-style V3 Pro (review) and the dry herb vaporizer – the Starry V3 (review). Based on their prior and recent releases, XMAX definitely sets itself apart by packing its devices with premium features at fairly affordable prices.

The XMAX Qomo is a pocket-sized, fast heating, E-Rig which features a water bubbler, a ceramic cup chamber with three temperature settings, an LED light indicator, and a 1350mAh battery that charges via USB-C. It’s probably one of the smallest E-rigs on the market at the moment, and most importantly – one of the simplest to use.

XMAX Qomo Erig Vaporizer Review

Compatibility: The Qomo is compatible with Dab, Wax, Honey, Shatter, or other solid extracts. For this review, I tested the Qomo with CBD dab from Steve’s Goods and from In-Hemp, which is available to ship anywhere in the US.

Kit and Accessories 

Looking at the XMAX brand as a whole, they’re not one to to make devices and have fully stocked kits. The Qomo is no different – it definitely is a pretty lean kit. But it’s worth noting that other than your chosen concentrate (and some water) – you don’t need anything else to start sessions on the Qomo.

The XMAX Qomo Device Kit Comes with:

  • XMAX Qomo Device
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Gift Box (w/ molded inserts for easy transport)

Design and Features

When I say the Qomo is a small e-Rig, I mean it. Without the bubbler, the main device body is smaller than your average palm, and with the bubbler – it measures in at 12.7cm – which is still pretty small! The main body of the Qomo is made of metal, and is mostly in a matte finish, save for the shiny portion that runs through the center. It also has a ridged design under the firing button for a better grip.

The bubbler is the main design star of the device. It has a conical shape which tapers towards the end and it definitely reminds me of the bubbler on the Peak Pro (review). It holds just enough water to filter out ash, tar, and other impurities that might be inhaled. It also instantly cools down the vapor, which makes for smooth and fuller draws.

XMAX Qomo Erig Vaporizer Glass or Mouthpiece

The LED light indicators are positioned within the device body and lights up through the bubbler, which is a pretty to see, especially when you’re taking a hit. The glass however is slightly on the thinner side – so it’s best to exercise caution and to use the box and it’s inserts when you’re transporting it.

The ceramic cup has a glass splash guard and is covered by the glass carb cap which has the dab tool already attached to it.


The Qomo has a 1350mAh battery – which, depending on your usage and the temperatures you’re working with – is good for about 10-15 sessions on a full charge. When it does run out of juice, it charges via USB-C. USB-C charges 20x faster than the former Micro-USB. I’m definitely glad its the new standard in vaporizers – it’s faster, more stable, and very accessible.

Performance and Vapor Quality

XMAX Qomo Erig Vaporizer Charging Port USB C

The XMAX Qomo has 3 pre-set temperatures of 536°F / 280°C (White), 608°F / 320°C (Green), and 662°F / 350°C (Red). These three temps are accessible via the single firing button on the side of the device. Press it three times to turn the device on, and twice to cycle through the pre-sets. The LED’s will flash during pre-heat and become solid when its ready to go!

The Qomo doesn’t need a lot of water to produce great results – there’s actually a small red line on the bubbler indicating the recommended water level. Any higher than that, and the bubbler might splash during use.

Vapor Quality: The Qomo boasts a pretty amazing 20-second heat-up time, even to the highest temperature. The ceramic coil is a definite step up from coils, and is one to prioritize flavor over vapor density.

XMAX Qomo Erig Vaporizer Coil Included

Slow, sipping draws are what work best with this device – also since it’s a smaller device – stick to rice grain sized loads for the best results. Despite the size of the Qomo, I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of vapor it produced. As mentioned earlier, the bubbler doesn’t hold too much water, so it wasn’t as cool as say – more premium devices, but the flavor forward vapor wasn’t uncomfortable either.

Bottom Line

XMAX Qomo Erig Vaporizer Metal Body Material

The XMAX Qomo is uncomplicated, portable, and it’s best feature might just be it’s overall ease of use. At only $69 – there isn’t much to complain about – it does the job of an e-Rig and does it surprisingly well. If anything had to be improved – it’s that the area around the atomizer gets a bit too hot, but thats true of most devices.

I would definitely love to see an XMAX Qomo Pro, with a bigger battery, and maybe one more pre-set. But for now, the Qomo is great and is best for beginners looking for a first e-rig or a second, more portable device.To learn more about e-Rigs, read reviews or choose your next device – definitely check out or list of the best e-Rigs of the 2024.


General Specs

  • Compatible: Dry Herb
  • Released Date: Aug 2022
  • Body Material: Metal
  • Smartphone App: No
  • Vibration Notification: No
  • Mouthpiece Material: Glass
  • Display Type: LED Indicators
  • Warranty: 6 Months

Heating Element

  • 510 Thread: No
  • Coil Type: Ceramic
  • Temperature Settings: 3 Levels
  • Heat up Time: 10-20


  • Charger Type: USB-C
  • Battery Type: Internal
  • Battery Capacity: 1350mAh
  • Sesh Per Charge: 12-15 Sessions


  • Overall Score: 4.1/5

Purchase Information

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MSRP $89
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