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The New Peak Pro continues the legacy of the outgoing version and strengthens Puffcos lead in the Concentrate world. It provides an unparalleled experience that is appealing to total beginners and the most advanced pros. The 3D intelligent chamber keeps a precise temperature in the coil, and the extract tastes fresh throughout the entire session. You can use the preset heating profiles or use the app for deep customization, but either way, the new Peak Pro is as good as dabbing gets.

New Peak Pro Review- Worth $420?


The Peak Pro is Puffco's flagship Dab Rig and is probably considered by many to be the best in the world. Some call it Peak Pro 2 or v2, but Puffco themselves are calling it the “New Peak Pro,” and that's what I'll call it too.

The now “old” Peak Pro was a game-changer in the world of concentrate vaporizers and also my daily driver for the past couple of years. So I'm excited about this release and coming into this review with “high” expectations. Pun intended. I have a separate comparison of the new and old Peak Pros, so check that out for the full list of differences.

In this review, we'll look at the features of the New Peak Pro, test its performance, and compare it to the old one. There is a lot to cover, and I'll move through it quickly, so get comfy, grab a dab, and let's get into it!

UPDATE [July 2023]: 3DXL Chamber just released

3d and 3d XL Chamber side by side
3d and 3d XL Chamber showing the joystick
3d XL Chamber close up

Puffco just released a new 3DXL chamber for the old/new Peak Pro, which has a 78% larger bowl and is able to produce double the vapor. It ships together with an XL Joystick carb cap, and the price is $125 (visit store, use coupon TVG10 for 10% off)). It also opens up a new “XL” vapor production mode on the smartphone app. Check out the 3DXL Review for more info.


3d Chamber close up

There are three main components to the Peak Pro- The glass, the body, and the chamber. Let's talk about each one separately, starting with- the glass bubbler.

Glass bubbler

Peak Pro Glass

It has the same cone shape that we know from the previous version but with a few upgrades:

  • It is heavier and sturdier. The old bubbler weighs around 81 grams, while the one clocks in at 96 grams.
  • There are now five laser-cut air holes at the base of the bubbler instead of two in the outgoing version. Since the carb cap, which we'll get to in a minute, has more holes and allows more air into the coil, the five holes allow more air into the bubbler.
  • Then, the air travels upwards into these vortex-shaped grooves. This design, also called a “percolator, ” is known to increase airflow and cool down vapor or smoke in glass bubblers.

These grooves seem to set the theme for the New Peak Pro, as they also extend to the body, around the chamber, and even in the trimming or the case.

In my opinion, it gives the Peak more personality than the old version and makes it look more modern.

The Base

Peak Pro Base showing the button

The front has one activation button, which now has tap vibrations, meaning a slight haptic feedback vibration. Similar to the tactile feedback you get while toggling settings on an iPhone, for example.

The base also has a USB-C port at the back and the Puffco logo right above it. Both the old and the new versions support USB-C or wireless charging, with a power dock that's available separately.

The bottom has a light ring, and there are also lights under the bubbler, which together will communicate the device status and heat settings.

The New 3D Chamber

3d Chamber opened

Until this new version, the 3D chamber was not included in the kit and had to be purchased separately. Now, it is finally standard with each New Peak Pro. There are a few upgrades here over the old version-

  • Connection improvements: both the digital interface and the mechanical locking mechanism of the chamber's connection to the base have been updated. The chamber connects more easily now with a quarter turn.
  • Joystick carb cap: the Peak Pro now ships with a raised carb cap that allows you to direct the airflow to the corners of the chamber and get maximal extraction from the concentrates. Puffco calls it a “joystick,” and for a good reason. It snaps back to the center as soon as you let go and has a very tactile feel to it, almost like a gaming controller. It is very satisfying to fiddle around with, and it is super functional when it comes to extraction efficiency and vapor quality. Also worth mentioning is that it has four air intake holes vs. two in the previous version, for, once again, increased airflow.
  • Internal upgrades: sources at Pufcco are also telling me that internal improvements have been made to the chamber that makes it more efficient and work with less power.

Old vs New 3D chamber

The old chamber has a Red trim, and the new one has a Black trim, but otherwise, the chambers are practically the same and are cross-compatible between the old and the new units.

The bubbler as well, by the way, cross-compatible.

Intensity mode

The new Peak Pro has four preset temp settings with a single click to toggle. Blue is the lowest, and then Green, Red, and White.

Now, there is one “hidden” mode that you need to know about. I'm saying hidden because it doesn't mention it in the manual, and holy shit, this bumps things up.

So it is called “Intensity mode,” and it is accessible by clicking the button five times. This mode is not a fifth heat setting. It is available for each of the four settings independently as an enhancement of that settings. So, for example if I set it to Green, which is the second setting, and click five times, it'll blink all colors and then switch back to red. Same on the rest of the settings.

And Intensity mode is not just a temperature bump, like “boost mode,” which is accessible by double tapping during a session. This is some algorithmic magic that the Peak Pro does with the way it heats the dabs, and it creates noticeably thicker, milkier clouds that, for me, were noticeably more potent.

And this intensity mode is also available for the old Peak Pro, with a firmware update through the app. So if you own the old one, update the software immediately. And that brings me to the last feature we'll talk about today- the app.

Peak Pro Smartphone App

The Puffco Connect app is extensive and deserves its own article, but here are a few things that you can do with the app-

  • View the battery level, heat setting, current temperature in the chamber, and your usage.
  • You can also edit the four heating profiles and add new heating ones. Enter temperature, duration, and even vapor production control.

For example, I've set here a profile with a temperature of 510F, a quick 15 seconds duration, maximal vapor production, and Purple light. Then I'll name it “Purple Haze” and save it to my list. Plus I can even save it to the device so it is accessible without the app.

There is something very cool about vaping with the app. The corresponding colors and even the countdown timer around the live display of the chamber temperature. Something about it gives the experience another dimension. The app is well-made and works flawlessly.

Oh, and most importantly- the app enables software updates! My old Peak Pro just gained the ability to have insanity mode via an over-the-air update, which is pretty sick.

Real-Time temp control

The most significant feature that differentiates the Peak Pro from cheaper eRigs is Real-time temperature control. So let's take a moment and talk about that.

To explain the idea of temp control, I'll use a little analogy, so stay with me.

You're driving a car one a road with a speed limit of 60 miles per hour. But your car only operates in the following way- Once you hit a button, it accelerates at 100% for two minutes and then shuts off. You'd quickly pass the speed limit and probably crash into something.

Now let's imagine that the car operates regularly. You can accelerate freely and hit the throttle as much or as little as you need in order to keep a constant speed once you get to the speed limit.

Now let's replace:
-“car” with “chamber.”
-“speed” with “temperature.”
-and “you,” my friend, is the dab.

So in the first scenario, the wax will get burned and spend very little time at the ideal temperature. The correct term to use here is voltage levels, not temperature levels.

The Peak Pro operates like the car in the second scenario. It heats up in a controlled way and makes adjustments to keep a precise temp in the chamber and not burn your wax.

You can even view this live with the mobile app. The Peak Pro has multiple temperature sensors in the coil and a micro-chip that makes real-time adjustments to keep the temperature consistent regardless of how much you load or how hard you inhale.

This makes a huge difference when it comes to flavor, but it also goes a long way when it comes to efficiency, and the Peak Pro will easily make you stretch your dabs the longest way. The same amount that will give you four nice hits with the Peak Pro just burns away in a second with one of these cheap rigs. In fact, let me show you what I think about these types of rigs. [moment of silence]

Bottom line

The old Puffco Peak has always been my #1 choice for extracts, and that solidified even more with this release. While the experience is not substantially different than the old unit, the package is a lot more complete now with the 3D chamber included and the new joystick carb cap. It is much better value and makes it easy for me to recommend.

From the magnets on the case, to the intelligent chamber, the joystick cap, and even the app, are all designed to perfection.

The performance is consistently great, very predictable, and accurate.

Budget is personal, so I can't tell you if it makes sense for you to buy it because, at $420 (visit store and use coupon TVG10 for 10% off), this is probably not for everyone. But if you're serious about dabbing and looking for the best, there is- the Peak Pro is as good as dabbing gets.

both beginners and connoisseurs alike.


General Specs

  • Compatible: Wax
  • Released Date: Jun 2023
  • Body Material: Metal
  • Smartphone App: Yes
  • Firmware Upgradable: Yes
  • Vibration Notification: Yes
  • Adjustable Airflow: No
  • Mouthpiece Material: Glass
  • Glass Compatible: Yes
  • Display Type: LED
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Heating Element

  • 510 Thread: No
  • Coil Type: Ceramic Bowl
  • Temperature Settings: 450-600°F
  • Heat up Time: 10 Seconds


  • Charger Type: USB-C / Wireless
  • Battery Type: Internal
  • Sesh Per Charge: 6-9 Sessions
  • Pass-through Charging: Yes


  • Overall Score: 4.9/5

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MSRP $420
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