New Peak Pro VS. Peak Pro

The newly released Puffco Peak Pro builds upon the success of its predecessors, introducing several enhancements. Retaining the iconic design, it features a sturdier glass bubbler, haptic feedback, and mood lights. Performance upgrades include a 3D chamber, a raised carb cap, and the Puffco Connect app. This comparison will provide a detailed look at these improvements, helping you decide if the new Peak Pro is a worthy investment.


The New Peak Pro, and the 3D XL Chamber are the latest additions to the Puffco family. This new model is the culmination of years of innovation, building upon the success of its predecessors while introducing a host of enhancements. The original Puffco Peak Pro revolutionized the world of concentrate vaporizers with its sleek design, exase of use, and superior performance. The new Peak Pro aims to elevate this experience further, retaining the iconic design while integrating several upgrades such as a sturdier glass bubbler, haptic feedback on the activation button, and the introduction of mood lights.

In terms of performance, the new Peak Pro stands out with its inclusion of a 3D chamber in the kit, a raised carb cap for better airflow, and the introduction of the Puffco Connect app for greater user control. This comparison will delve into these upgrades, contrasting the new Peak Pro with the old version across various aspects including design, features, performance, and value. By the end of this comparison, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of what the new Puffco Peak Pro offers and whether it's a worthy investment for your vaping needs.

Design and Build

The new Puffco Peak Pro maintains the iconic design of the original version but introduces several upgrades. The glass bubbler, a crucial component of the device, has been enhanced in the new version. It's not only heavier and sturdier but also provides more airflow and cooler vapor. This improvement is due to the addition of five laser-cut air holes at the base of the bubbler, compared to just two in the old version. Furthermore, the new bubbler features vortex-shaped grooves, also known as a “percolator,” which is known to increase airflow and cool down vapor or smoke in glass bubblers.

The new Peak Pro also sports a more modern look with grooves that extend to the body, around the chamber, and even in the trimming or the case. This design gives the Peak Pro more personality over the old version. The activation button on the new version now provides haptic feedback when pressed, a feature that was absent in the old version.


Both the old and new versions of the Peak Pro support USB-C or wireless charging, with a power dock available separately. However, the new version introduces a firmware update that activates “mood lights” while the rig is not in use, adding a new dimension to the vaping experience.

The chamber in the new version has been upgraded with an updated digital interface and mechanical locking mechanism for the chamber's connection to the base. The new version also includes a raised carb cap that allows you to direct the airflow to the corners of the chamber for maximal extraction from the concentrates. This feature was not present in the old version.


The Peak Pro has four preset temperature settings, with a single click to toggle. The new version introduces a “hidden” mode called “Intensity mode” that creates noticeably thicker, milkier clouds. This mode is not just a temperature bump, but an algorithmic magic that the Peak Pro does with the way it heats the dabs, creating a more potent experience.

The new version also introduces the Puffco Connect app that allows you to view the battery level, heat setting, current temperature in the chamber, and your usage. You can also edit the four heating profiles and add new ones. This feature was not available in the old version.

One of the most significant features that differentiate the Peak Pro from cheaper eRigs is real-time temperature control. This feature ensures that the temperature remains consistent regardless of how much you load or how hard you inhale, leading to better flavor and efficiency.


The glass, chamber, and other parts are interchangeable between the old and new units, providing flexibility to the users.


Here's a side-by-side comparison table of their specifications:

SpecificationOld Puffco Peak ProNew Puffco Peak Pro
DesignOriginal designMore modern look with grooves
Glass BubblerLighter with two air holesHeavier with five air holes and vortex-shaped grooves
Activation ButtonNo haptic feedbackProvides haptic feedback
ChargingSupports USB-C or wireless chargingSupports USB-C or wireless charging
LightsNo mood lightsFirmware update introduces mood lights
ChamberNo 3D chamber included in the kit3D chamber included in the kit
Carb CapStandard carb capRaised carb cap for better airflow
AppNo app supportIntroduces Puffco Connect app
Temperature ControlReal-time temperature controlReal-time temperature contro
Price$400 (plus $70 for 3D chamber)$420 (includes 3D chamber)
InterchangeabilityParts are interchangeableParts are interchangeable


The new version is priced at $420, which includes the 3D chamber in the kit. The old version was priced at $400, with the 3D chamber costing an additional $70. There is also a new Puffco Peak Pro 3d XL Chamber that is larger than the previous 3d Chamber.


The new Puffco Peak Pro brings several enhancements over the old version, making it a more complete and refined package. The design upgrades, including a sturdier and more efficient glass bubbler, give the new version a modern and sophisticated look. The addition of haptic feedback on the activation button and the introduction of mood lights add a new dimension to the vaping experience.

The inclusion of the 3D chamber in the kit and the introduction of a raised carb cap for better airflow significantly improve the device's performance. The new Puffco Connect app provides users with more control over their vaping experience, allowing them to customize heating profiles and monitor device status.

While the new Puffco Peak Pro comes at a higher price point, it offers better value for money considering the enhancements and the inclusion of the 3D chamber in the kit. The real-time temperature control feature, present in both versions, ensures consistent temperature and optimal flavor, setting the Peak Pro apart from cheaper eRigs.

In conclusion, the new Puffco Peak Pro, with its design and performance upgrades, offers a superior and more customizable vaping experience. It's a worthwhile investment for serious dabbing enthusiasts who prioritize quality, performance, and longevity. Despite the higher price point, the new Puffco Peak Pro provides better value for money and is likely to save users extracts in the long run compared to other rigs.

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