Puffco Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber

The Puffco Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber is an excellent accessory for the Puffco Peak Pro. Its larger capacity and unique 3D design ensure optimal heat distribution and enhanced vapor quality. It’s easy to install and use, making it a great choice for both new and experienced vapers.


The new Puffco 3D XL Chamber for the Peak Pro costs $125 (visit store), which gives this package (New Peak Pro + 3DXL) an insane retail price of $535. Heck, you can buy a whole dab rig for the price of this chamber. Seriously, the Dr. Dabber XS with the coupon code listed on the review, it will run you the same price as just the 3DXL chamber.

A History recap

I've been using the XL Chamber for around a week now, and in this article, I'll review the features and performance of this big guy so you can decide if it makes sense for you to spend $125 on this chamber.

The “old” Peak Pro that sold until mid-2023 did not include the 3D chamber in the kit and only included the regular non-3D chamber.

The 3D chamber was released at the end of 2021 and added embedded coils in the chamber walls instead of only at the bottom. It also improved efficiency and battery life and was (for me at least) a “must have” $80 upgrade to the $400 Peak Pro, substantially improving performance.

You may also check out our comparison between the New Puffco Peak Pro VS Old Peak Pro.

3D vs 3DXL Chambers

But the new Peak Pro, released in mid-2023, now includes the 3D chamber in the kit. It also has a bunch more upgrades which I've detailed in my in-depth review, but you may be asking yourself, if you currently have the 3D chamber, should you buy this XL version? The regular 3D chamber is already huge. Who needs bigger? Let's try to answer these questions.

Bigger = Better?

So yes, it is 78% bigger, according to Puffco. And the extra size is added as depth, not as width. The XL Chamber is almost double the depth of the original, and a deeper bowl has a few benefits:

First, obviously, you can load more concentrate, which will produce more vapor and have more potent effects. So if “big clouds” are your thing, this chamber takes it up a notch. Also, if you're sharing a bowl with friends, a larger bowl means less frequent re-loads.

Second, you can forget about the old vaping mantra, “Sip it, don't rip it.” With the new chamber, you can rip as hard as you want. The new Peak Pro has many airflow improvements that will allow you to take fast, intense inhales if that's what you're after.

Third, since the bowl is deeper, less oil or reclaim makes its way through the holes to the airpath. This means less maintenance and less sticky residue that accumulates over time.

Other differences

XL Joystick cap: The 3D XL chamber also ships with the joystick carb cap, which, as I mentioned in the review video, is one of the best features of the new Peak Pro. The joysticks of both chambers- the stock and the XL are identical, except for a longer stem on the XL, which makes sense as the bowl is a lot deeper.

Beefier Coil: As you can see, the coil in the larger chamber is thicker and bulkier. So there are also technical improvements here that are not size-related.

XL app setting: The XL Chamber unlocks a new vapor production mode in the app, which will create even thicker, milkier clouds.

Fresh flavor 'till the end

Now, what's unique about the Peak Pro, is that no matter the setting, the vapor always tastes fantastic. With most rigs, when you set it on the max temp, the vapor loses most of the flavor and tastes burnt and harsh. The Peak Pro has real-time temp control that ensures the vapor tastes fresh even on the highest setting and XL vapor control. It will not burn the dabs.

And that's what sets the Peak Pro apart from the rest and makes it one of the best dab vaporizers available.

So bottom line, should you get it?

If you use your Peak Pro a lot, do big dabs, have lungs of steel, or share your bowls- the larger chamber is a no-brainer.

But if you're an average user, don't do particularly large dabs, and usually vape solo, the stock 3D chamber is more than enough. For over 90% of people, I suggest- save the $125 and stick to the regular 3D chamber. Most likely, you don't need the XL.

Regardless, hats off to Puffco for continuing to push the envelope. The Proxy, New Peak Pro, and now the larger chamber are all cutting-edge products with very little real competition. Sure, their products are not cheap, to say the least, but they are very high quality and long-lasting. So worth it if you can afford it.

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