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The Xmas Fyra is the “Swiss army knife” of vaporizers with triple functional (carts, wax, herb) and a built in water bubbler. The vapor quality was good with all three methods, but especially with wax & extract. The “dab straw” style of the vape works efficiently with very little waste of wax.


The XMAX Fyra is a unique vape that can be used with flower, wax, or 510 carts. So, does this Swiss army knife of vaporizers is any good? Is it trying to do too much but doesn't do anything good enough? Let's see.

By the way, it retails for $80, and you can use coupon code TVG10 to save 10% from Vape-Smart or directly from XVAPE.

The main components of the vape are- The body, a built-in bubbler, there is a small oven tool tucked into the body, the side basically a big button, and the bottom has a USB-C charging port and a 510 connection port.

Then, there are two optional attachments included in the kit- one for wax and one for dry herb.

Wax + Herb attachements

To use the Fyra with wax, screw in the Ceramic tip, three clicks to unlock, and once it heats up, dip it into the concentrate and inhale through the bubbler. 

The second attachment is for dry herb. I'll load it with flower, and attach it to the bottom. This is the actual heating element, and it has a thick silicone cover to protect from the heat.

Use with 510 carts

Since the connection is a 510 thread, you can use it with any compatible 510 carts. It's a bit awkward using it with a cart because you have to turn the entire device upside down, and while the bubbler is not supposed to spill if you fill it only to the line, but still not something I'd like to test out on a regular basis. 

Performance & vapor quality

Using it with wax was a pretty standard experience, just like using one of any other dab straw vaporizers. This is a good way of consuming wax which very little waste and doesn't require constant loading of the coil like a typical vape pen. 

Then with herb the experience was just enough to pass as usable. In my opinion, the oven is too big. It should have been around half its current size, plus I think the device needs more power to efficiently vape dry herbs. So I would not recommend this as a “daily driver” dry herb vaporizer. It's ok for occasional use, but not more than that. Check out my fav dry herb vapes if you're looking for that.

Lastly, with carts, it worked fine as long as there was no water in the bubbler.

Bottom line

Is it worth $80? (actually, less if you use the coupon code above). Depends. I don't think anyone using this vape will switch between the two attachments and carts often. Most people will probably stick to one. 

If you're a wax user, this vape is worth considering. It is a dab straw with a bubbler that has good flavor and is more powerful than, say, the Lookah Seahorse Pro, for example. The Lookah costs around $50 and does not have a bubbler included. So at $80 or $70, the Fyra is a good option for wax & extract. I have coupon codes for both products listed below.

The option to occasionally use it with herb or carts is cool, but this is mainly a dab straw with a bubbler. 


General Specs

  • Compatible: Wax
  • Released Date: May 2023
  • Body Material: Metal
  • Smartphone App: No
  • Vibration Notification: No
  • Mouthpiece Material: Glass
  • Display Type: LED Indicators
  • Warranty: 90 Days

Heating Element

  • Oven Capacity: 0.4gr grams
  • 510 Thread: Yes
  • Temperature Settings: 5 Levels
  • Heat up Time: 5-10


  • Charger Type: USB-C
  • Battery Type: Internal
  • Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
  • Sesh Per Charge: 4-6 Sessions


  • Overall Score: 4.1/5

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