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The Dive Mini features a dual functionality which means that aside from using it as a normal vape pen, you can use the concentrate straw to dab directly onto your wax. It also comes with an additional mouthpiece with a water bubbler which works great on both modes since it makes the vapor less harsh and bearable for first-timers. It produces above-average vapor and flavor but not comparable to high-end vapes. Even so, for a $45 vape, this is a suitable choice for beginners and intermediate users.


Dive Mini Wax Pen

Yocan Dive Mini is the latest version of Yocan Dive that was released earlier this year. It's a special kind of pen that can be used in two ways: the ordinary way (wax pen) or by using the Honey Straw (honey dabber) which allows to vape extracts directly from a glass container.

It's an easy-to-use vape pen with a single button that can be used to turn on/off the device and cycle through different voltage settings. The Dive Mini also features a pre-heat function and has an additional mouthpiece with a water bubbler attachment that you don’t usually see on similarly-priced vapes. 

Design & Features

Yocan Dive Mini Wax Pen

The Dive Mini is a simple vape pen with a sleek and stealthy build. It is 8″ tall and half an inch wide which makes it suitable for discreet vaping. It is made out of aluminum with a matte black finish that feels smooth and solid.

The Dive Mini is packed with 400 mAh battery that could probably last a whole day of casual vaping. The micro-USB port is located on the side of the device just beside the power button and it supports pass-through charging. It means that you'll be able to use it while it's charging.


Yocan Dive Mini Mouthpieces

As mentioned above, there are two mouthpieces that you can use on Dive Mini:

  • Normal Mouthpiece – The mouthpiece narrows as it approaches the tip that looks good and has a smooth feel to it. It's made out of aluminum so I assume that it gets hot from time to time.
  • Mouthpiece with Water Bubbler – It allows users to attach a water filtration system that makes the vapor cooler and retains more flavor from your wax. The mouthpiece has a bulb-like design and measures roughly 3″ tall which is smaller compared to some water bubbler attachment. But hey, the design functions well and a pretty good addition for its price. If you're traveling with it, make sure you put it in a carrying bag since it's made out of glass and can easily break.

Both mouthpieces are magnetically connected to the body so you'll have no trouble swapping one from another.

How To Use

Yocan Dive Mini Attachments

Dive Mini is a straightforward vape pen since it has a single button that you can use to turn on/off the device, cycle through three voltage settings, and activate the pre-heat function which is useful since you don't need to hold it down to start vaping. 

Voltage Settings: It has three preset temperatures that are color-coded: 3.2V (White), 3.47V (Blue), and 4.2V (Green).

There are two ways you can use the Dive Mini:

Ordinary Wax Pen Mode

Yocan Dive Mini XTAL Coil

Yocan Dive Mini uses an XTAL coil which is a new type of coil that I haven't tested before. When you remove the coil cap, you'll see a rectangular platform where you'll put your concentrates. I assume it's made out of similar material with the honey dabber. To use it, you’ll need to:

  1. Remove the mouthpiece to expose the coil.
  2. Twist the coil cap and dab your wax.
  3. Reattach the coil cap and the mouthpiece.
  4. Press the button 5 times to turn on the device.
  5. Press the button 3 times to cycle through voltage settings.
  6. To activate the preheating mode, press the power button 2 times.
  7. Once heating is done, inhale from the mouthpiece.
Yocan Dive Mini Glass Bubbler

In this method, you can use the regular mouthpiece or the glass bubbler that comes in the package. The latter makes the vapor mild and soothing to the lungs while preserving the flavor and potency of the wax. I'm quite surprised that Dive Mini has this kind of accessory because you usually pay a lot to get a water bubbler.

Using the glass bubbler makes the overall experience better. However, if you're out traveling and need a quick sesh, I recommend using the regular one since the bubbler is fragile and kind of awkward to use in public.

By Using the Honey Dabber

Yocan Dive Mini Honey Straw

This is the key feature of the Dive Mini and I bet most vapers will enjoy. In this method, instead of dabbing your concentrates into the coil, you can dab straight from the concentrate jar by dipping the honey dabber onto the wax. For this method, you'll need to:

  1. Remove the mouthpiece.
  2. Twist the coil to remove it.
  3. Attach the honey dabber.
  4. On the other end, attach any mouthpiece.
  5. If you're using the water bubbler attachment, fill 1/3 of it with water.
  6. Press the device 5 times to turn on the device.
  7. Dip the honey dabber into the coil while pressing the power button.
  8. To activate the preheating mode, press the power button 2 times.
  9. Inhale from the mouthpiece.
Yocan Dive Mini XTAL Tip

From my experience, vaping on honey dabber is an efficient and easy way to consume concentrates. You can use your dab tool to control how much wax you can use or you can dip the tip directly onto the wax to get more vapor. In this way, it allows you to control your hits much more than using the coil.  This method is recommended to use if you're at home or inside your peer's room since you can't aim the tip while being mindful of your surroundings.

I personally really like the honey straw method, and I think it will become more popular as it gives vapers a whole new and fun experience. Aside from that, it has a low learning curve, vapes the wax efficiently, and lets users personalize their session (whether a face-melting sesh or a light and relaxed sesh). This method can accommodate a wide variety of users (beginners or intermediate users) that’s something to look forward to in the near future.


As A Vape Pen

Yocan Dive Mini Performance

The Dive Mini produces above average vapor which is suited for beginners. It has a decent heat-up time at about 10 seconds and the wax is efficiently vaped. The unit gets hot after using it for a while which is common for small vaporizers but casual users won't deal with this problem often since they don't usually do lung-busting sessions.

As A Honey Straw

Dive Mini Honey Straw Method

Inhaling from it seems pretty hard at first but you'll get used to it quickly. You just need to find the right angle to dip your honey dabber and it will melt the wax quickly. I recommend using the water bubbler since it produces a ginormous amount of vapor compared to the normal way of using the Dive Mini.  

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality on both modes was good for its price but not as potent as some premium vapes I tested. You get a large pool of clouds whether you choose the lowest or the highest setting. The flavor peaks in the lowest setting and any higher will produce bigger and harsher vapor. I get the best result in the middle temp setting while the water bubbler is attached since it has the balance of flavor and vapor density I'm looking for.

Bottom Line

Dive Mini Kit and Accessories

As a vape pen, it functions well and produces above-average vapor that's viable for both beginners and intermediate vapers. On the other hand, using the honey dabber is an efficient way to enjoy your wax since you'll be able to control your hits and also how much wax you can use per session.

Overall, the Dive Mini is a simple and versatile vaporizer that works great for vaping works great for outdoor vaping or simply dabbing in your home. For $45, this is probably the highest price to performance ratio you’d find in 2020. However, it won't stand a chance to some high-tier vapes like Puffco Plus (Review) or Dr Dabber Stella (Review) that produce superior vapor quality.


General Specs

  • Compatible: Wax
  • Released Date: Jan 2020
  • Body Material: Aluminum
  • Smartphone App: No
  • Vibration Notification: No
  • Adjustable Airflow: No
  • Mouthpiece Material: Glass
  • Display Type: LED Indicators
  • Warranty: 30 Days

Heating Element

  • Coil Type: XTAL Coil
  • Temperature Settings: 3 Levels
  • Heating Method: Conduction
  • Heat up Time: 10-20


  • Charger Type: Micro-USB
  • Battery Type: Internal
  • Battery Capacity: 400mAh
  • Sesh Per Charge: 6-9 Sessions


  • Overall Score: 4.1/5

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