Arizer Solo 2 Max VS. Venty

Arizer Solo 2 Max VS. Venty Snapshot

Arizer Solo 2 MAX
S&B Venty
2 Years
3 Years
Release Date
Jan 2024
Oct 2023
Compatible With
Dry Herb
Dry Herb
Body Material
Mouthpiece Material
Heating Method
Heat Up Time
30 Seconds
20 Seconds
Precise Temp Control
Temp Range
Oven Capacity
0.3 gr
0.25 gr
Oven Material
Sessions Per Charge
Battery Type
Charger Type
Charge Time
1-2 Hours
1 Hour
Display Type
Smartphone App
Vibration Notifications
Adjustable Airflow

Arizer Solo 2 Max VS. Venty Pricing


Today, we have a comparison of the Venty by Storz & Brickel and the Solo 2 MAX, which was just released from Arizer. There are two very different vapes, but they also have similarities that make sense to compare. And let's face it: if you are looking at any best dry herb vaporizers list, these two vapes are probably mentioned at the top, and there is a consensus that they are two of the best. 

So you may be wondering, which one is right for you? In this comparison, we'll look at the similarities and differences of these two vapes so you can select the vape that has the most features you care for.

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Similarities: Venty VS Solo MAX

  • Hybrid heating system– both vapes use a hybrid convection/conduction heating system. Both systems are very efficient and provide an efficient extraction. With that said, the edge here goes to the Venty. With its wider chamber and increased airflow, it is easier to achieve a perfect extraction every single time.  
  • Session vapes– both vapes are session vapes (vs. on-demand), so they stay activated for a session (~5-10 minutes) and “bake” the herb. I found a way to use the Solo 2 as an “on-demand” vape by doing this- I first let the unit heat up, then I insert the loaded stem, take one or two hits, pull out the stem, and cover it with the silicone cap. By removing it from the heat source, you effectively create an on-demand” experience.
  • Heat-up time– both vapes heat up in around 20-30 seconds, but the edge here goes to the Venty again, which is slightly faster. 
  • “Size-class”– both vapes are in the “home portables” category and are not ideal for on-the-go use. Don't get me wrong, I do take them out once in a while, but it's not something you'll whip out in public like the Pax Plus, for example. 
  • Amazing flavor: both vapes produce some of the tastiest vapor in the industry. Arizer uses the glass stems to keep the vapor pure, but also, with the Venty- the flavor is clean, and the notes of each strain are noticeable and aromatic. 

Differences: Venty VS Solo MAX

  • Temp range: Solo MAX (50-220°C / 122-428°F) and the Venty (40-210°C / 104-410°F)
  • Usage process: Read the individual reviews for more info, but the edge here goes to the Solo 2 MAX; it is easier to load and maintain thanks to the signature “glass stems” concept of Arizer.
  • The Venty is slightly more potent: The Venty has a larger chamber and is slightly more potent. The vapor it produces is thicker and denser. With that, the sessions are typically shorter as the extraction is faster. 
  • Venty has a better interface + app: Both vapes have a very simple interface with precise temp control on the device. But the Venty also has Bosst & Super Boost modes for easy temp bump instead of clicking the buttons. Plus, Venty has an app that will allow you to change settings and view stats. 
  • Venty has adjustable airflow, which means less draw resistance and also more flexibility when it comes to inhalation techniques. You can inhale short and fast or long and slow, vs the Solo 2 MAX, which will only allow the latter.
  • Build materials & airpath material: the actual materials used are different (PEEK on Venty, Metal & Glass on Arizer), but both vapes are uniquely made with high-quality components that are built to last.
  • The Solo 2 MAX is compatible with a water pipe right out of the box with an included 14mm adapter and a display that inverts when used with a bubbler.

Venty vs Solo MAX: Which one should you get?

The Arizer wins when it comes to making your herb stretch the longest and having the easiest loading, usage, and cleaning process available. 

The Venty wins when it comes to extraction efficiency and heat-up time, and it just seems to have a stronger heating element overall. 

Both vapes have a best-in-class battery life, vapor quality, brand reputation, and easy usage process. 

If by now you're not sure which vape is right for you, read the individual reviews or watch the review videos on my YouTube channel.

Arizer Solo 2 Max VS. Venty