Mighty+ (Plus) vs. Volcano Hybrid

Mighty+ (Plus) vs. Volcano Hybrid Snapshot

Mighty+ (Plus)
Volcano Hybrid
3 Years
3 Years
Release Date
Sep 2021
Jun 2023
Compatible With
Dry Herb
Dry Herb
Body Material
Mouthpiece Material
Heating Method
Heat Up Time
Precise Temp Control
Temp Range
Oven Capacity
0.25gr gr
0.5gr gr
Oven Material
Stainless Steel
Sessions Per Charge
Battery Type
Battery Capacity
Charger Type
Charge Time
1-2 Hours
Display Type
Smartphone App
Vibration Notifications
Adjustable Airflow

Mighty+ (Plus) vs. Volcano Hybrid Pricing


Storz and Bickel have been known as the pioneers of the vaporizer industry. They released the first-ever Volcano in 2000. The Volcano is a cone-shaped tabletop device that features a “crater” where users insert the detachable balloon that came with it. 14 years after, they released their flagship portable the Mighty (review | buy). A battery-powered vaporizer with fully onboard controls, efficient hybrid heating systems that deliver the excellent results the brand is known for.

The Volcano has since been upgraded and is now available as the Volcano Hybrid (review | buy) which features a touch-sensitive interface, LED display, and full customization via a smartphone app. The Hybrid gets its name from S&B’s patented hybrid heating and the option to use either the balloon and a whip. The Mighty was also re-released as the awaited Mighty+ (plus), which retained the same form factor, but with updated features such as USB- C charging and a few cosmetic changes.

Why’s it worth comparing?

Simply put, the Volcano Hybrid is a huge desktop and the Mighty+ is a much smaller portable. But regardless of the substantial differences in form factor and interface, they do share a few defining similarities such as the same hybrid heating method, flavor output, and performance. While having more power available means that the Volcano is more powerful and performs better – the portable Mighty+ comes very close

Kit and Accessories

All Storz & Bickel product kits are stocked with all the items you need to start vaping – including all the spare pieces and cleaning tools. Compared to the Mighty+ though, the Volcano Hybrid’s kit obviously comes with more pieces since it is a more customizable and more complex device.

S&B Ecosystem

S&B has made accessory shopping pretty convenient by making several of their accessories compatible between their portables, and with a select number also compatible with the Volcano. All of these accessories are either sold as kits or for individual sale on the  Storz & Bickel website.

At the top of my recommendations list for the Volcano Hybrid and the Mighty+ are:

  • Dosing Capsule Adapter: This makes it possible to insert the capsules into the chamber. This is great for when you don’t want to fill the Volcano’s significantly sized oven.
  • Dosing Capsules (visit store): Smaller capsules that may be pre-filled with herb and easily popped in and out of the oven while you’re on the go.
  • Filling Aid (visit store): – For convenient and straightforward packing. It clips to the top of the vaporizer and is essentially a funnel into the oven. It also doubles as a container so you can store a small amount of herb inside.  

I also highly recommend getting a small herb spoon (buy on Amazon)  to help you place the herbs into the oven without leaving any particles behind, whether you use the Mighty+, Volcano Hybrid, or any other dry herb vape.

Performance vs Portability

The Volcano Hybrid and Mighty Plus are top devices that represent two separate classes of vaping. The Volcano is limited in its portability, yet obviously has more power. The Mighty+ on the other hand is a large yet portable device that’s a lot less complex to use. They both make use of S&B’s patented heating system to deliver great, yet different results.  

Inhalation Methods

On the Hybrid, you can either use a balloon filled with vapor or a tube/whip. Having the option to use either the balloon and the whip either makes it more complex, or easier depending on your vaping style. I must say though, that I prefer using the Hybrid with the balloon, especially since it can be removed and brought around. The whip is better suited for when you’re looking to draw as you go.

The balloon and the whip have practically no air resistance, so inhaling from them feels as natural as breathing. For users with lung issues, I recommend using of the balloon and the “forced air” function which pushes the vapor out instead of having to deeply draw in. 

The Mighty+ on the other hand has a swiveling mouthpiece attached to a larger cooling unit. The cooling unit is essentially a long maze-like vapor path in a small case. The precision design of the cooling unit means that the draw resistance on the Mighty+ is incredibly low. Though not quite like the Volcano, it certainly does come close.

Heat-up Time and Temperature Range

Despite having more power available to it, the Volcano Hybrid heats up to temperature in about 1 minute. Which is around the same time as the Mighty+, but it does have a wider temperature range of 104-410°F.

Herb Capacity

The Mighty+ holds about 0.25gr of herb while the Volcano can hold as much as 0.5gr of herb. If you’re looking to microdose with the Volcano, I highly recommend getting the dosing capsules (visit store) and the dosing chamber reducer.


Needless to say, you won’t be carrying a desktop anywhere that isn’t within range of the vaporizer’s power cord. The Volcano’s large size correlates with larger amounts of vapor and longer sessions. The Volcano is definitely made to be an at-home device. If portability is one of your main concerns, definitely get the Mighty+.


Using a desktop just isn’t as straightforward as using a portable. The Volcano comes with a lot of pieces and parts, which means there’s quite a lot to put together before you can start your session.

Ease of Use and Interface

While neither the Mighty+ nor the Volcano Hybrid is that difficult to use – it’s safe to say that the Mighty is definitely less complex. Figuring out its controls and modes is nearly intuitive and getting the most out of your device requires no learning curve. All you need to use and control the Mighty+ (plus) are all within the device itself.

There’s just a certain number of considerations that have to be taken into account with the Hybrid (or any desktop vaporizer) – so I’d recommend a run through the manual before your first use. Other than choosing between the balloon and the whip, there are also the fully customizable iterations and workflows that may be set via the accompanying app. 

Design and Notable Features

Both the Volcano Hybrid and the Mighty+ have utilitarian designs that are unlike most minimalist devices on the market today. The Volcano Hybrid retains the iconic design of the previous volcano models, which is essentially the shape of a volcano.  It’s a sturdy, and solid unit made of tough stainless steel.

The Mighty+ is made with medical-grade plastic that was specifically created to house medical devices. The entire device is outlined by the brilliant ridged design that allows for excellent heat dispersion and keeps the unit cool and comfortable to hold.

Cooling Unit

One of the most interesting features on the Mighty+ is the Cooling Unit. A product of great engineering, the cooling unit is essentially a lengthy vapor path within a small space. Hot air travels up from the chamber and is directed through the maze-like path in the unit before it goes through the mouthpiece – resulting in perfectly cooled, excellent tasting vapor.

Replaceable Cooling Unit: The entire cooling unit and the mouthpiece on both the Mighty+ (Plus) and the Crafty+ (Plus) are replaceable. You can opt to purchase it separately for $20 on the Storz & Bickel website or if you have a Mighty, you can get the “Wear and Tear Kit” (visit store).


The Hybrid’s interface is flat across the front of the device. Everything from the screen, to the text and size of the buttons are pretty large and easily located. though the buttons aren’t tactile they do make a pretty audible “click” as you press them. While using onboard controls is enough to get great results from the Hybrid, you’ll need to connect your device to the app for the full set of features.

The Mighty+’s LED display is actually one of the largest amongst portables. It’s flanked by two large arrow buttons for temperature control and on the side of the device is a single round button for power and to activate the super-boost mode. The Mighty+ doesn’t exactly have a

Smartphone App

The Hybrid features Bluetooth connectivity, so it is compatible with the smartphone app that is used with the Crafty. The app makes the Hybrid customizable and allows you to program the vape in a variety of iterations and workflows.

The app works just fine with an android device. Apple has banned all vaping-related apps on their app store. If you have an iPhone, you can use the web app. although, the app doesn’t work with Chrome or Safari. Meaning you’ll have to download a separate browser.


At 4600mAH, The Mighty+ has one of the best and biggest batteries in the industry – lasting two and a half hours. It charges via USB-C and has a supercharge feature that can deliver an 80% charge in 40 minutes.

Medical Certification

Both the Mighty+ and the Volcano Hybrid are both medically certified, with the Volcano being first vape proven to produce no combustion contaminants – further raising the bar on health standards and is preferred vaporizer for lab studies. While the Mighty+ is both (TUV) certified for medical use and the first-ever vaporizer to carry the UL logo. The Mighty+ conforms to UL8139, which guarantees the safety of the battery, charging, electrical, and heating components.

Which one should you get?

A Storz & Bickel product equals excellent vapor quality and an overall exceptional experience. After all, they’ve spent the last 20 years as pioneers in the industry and using precision engineering to create a carefully curated product line of standard setters. 

The Volcano Hybrid and the Mighty are at the top of their game, and if you’re wondering which is the best of two – the choice depends highly on your preferences and needs. The Volcano is definitely not portable and is made of domestic, at-home use.

Other than just portability and performance, one big factor to consider when choosing between these two is that with such a high level of performance and quality. Both devices are quite pricey – The Volcano Hybrid costs $699 and the Mighty+ retails at $400. 

But for everyone else, the Mighty is the device to get. The Mighty is straightforward in function, portable, and delivers a near same quality as its larger counterpart. There’s no learning curve here – only an exceptional experience in a smaller package.

Mighty+ (Plus) vs. Volcano Hybrid