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The Storz & Bickel Mighty+ and the Zeus Arc GTS are both excellent devices known for being trailblazers in their class and flagships of their brands. . The Mighty has always been the “king of the hill”, even after its update as the Mighty+ (review | buy). It features a ceramic-lined filling chamber, fast USB-C charging, 60-second heat-up time,  Just like its predecessor, the Mighty+ retains its large LED screen, precise temperature control, swiveling mouthpiece, and of course – S&B Hybrid Heating.

When Zeus Arsenal released the Arc GT, it defined “solid-gold vaping”. Which Zeus meant in the most literal sense, the Arc GT swaps out standard metal/aluminum parts for gold. Their latest release, the Zeus Arc GTS (review | buy) has the same gold parts, yet is also part of a new 3rd generation of vaporizers, set alongside a full suite of accessories / aka the “The Hub” made for the devices and are designed to make cannabis consumption as seamless an experience as possible.

Comparison Snapshot


  • Pre-Filled Capsules – Two Ways
  • Big Accessory Environments
  • Internal batteries 


  • Mighty+: Large, Rugged, and Utilitarian
  • Arc GTS: Minimal and Portable
  • Mighty+: Onboard Controls and Precise Temperature Control
  • Mighty+: Cooling Unit
  • GTS Mouthpiece
  • Mighty+: Medical (UL & TÜV) Certification
  • Mighty+: S&B Hybrid Heating
  • Arc GTS: Gold Heatsink and Convection Heating

Mighty+ (Plus) vs. Zeus Arc GTS Hub Similarities

Pre-Filled Capsules – Two Ways

Having to load the oven after each session can prove to be somewhat of a challenge especially when you’re on the go. This is why brands are always looking for ways to improve that process, whether it’s by including funnels in the kits, or by actually shaping the areas around the oven down towards the heating element. But nothing has proved as convenient as pre-filled capsules – which drastically reduce both loading and cleaning time.

Storz & Bickel introduced their Dosing Capsules (visit store) as early as 2015, just shortly after the release of the original Mighty. The dosing capsules are made out of aluminum and fit the Mighty+’s oven perfectly. The capsules also fit a keychain, so you can simply pre-fill and go. S&B also sells filling trays and filling aids that can fill nearly 40 capsules at a time. 


The Arcpods are Zeus Arsenal’s version of the same thing – ArcPods are capsules that hold around 0.3g of herb and may be pre-filled and popped into the oven. Each ArcPod is made from energy-efficient aluminum for rapid heat transfer from the chamber to the dry herb inside. Each kit comes with 3 boxes of 5 pods, which you can use to store filled ArcPods with different strains.

With the pods, there is only a very slight, nearly unnoticeable change in the amount of flavor in the vapor, but it’s a very small trade-off for the level of convenience that they deliver.

Big Accessory Environments

Both the Mighty+ (Plus) and the Zeus Arc GTS come with hefty device kits and big accessory environments. The big difference, however, is that the Arc GTS comes with everything in the Hub, while the Mighty+’s accessories are available for purchase depending on your needs and preferences.

The S&B Ecosystem

S&B has made accessory shopping pretty convenient by making several of their accessories compatible between their portables, and with a select number also compatible with the Volcano (review | buy). All of these accessories are either sold as kits or for individual sale on the Storz & Bickel website

At the top of my recommendations list for the Mighty+ are:

  • Dosing Capsule Adapter: This makes it possible to insert the capsules into the chamber. This is great for when you don’t want to fill the Volcano’s significantly sized oven.
  • Dosing Capsules (visit store): Smaller capsules that may be pre-filled with herb and easily popped in and out of the oven while you’re on the go.
  • Filling Aid (visit store): – For convenient and straightforward packing. It clips to the top of the vaporizer and is essentially a funnel into the oven. It also doubles as a container so you can store a small amount of herb inside.  

The Hub Kit

The Arc GTS comes with what is called the “Hub” – a command station for all your vaping essentials – it has everything covered. The Hub case itself with its custom-molded cutouts is a high-quality travel/storage solution coupled with a few functional features such as a sink made for the extraction of already vaped herb.

The entire Arc GTS hub kit includes:

  • Zeus Arc GTS
  • 15 ArcPods and 45 ArcPod Lids
  • Zeus Xtruder
  • Carry case
  • Micro-USB charging cable
  • Gold Flow Sink Tool
  • Instruction Manual

Internal Batteries

At 4600mAH, The Mighty+ (plus) has one of the best and biggest batteries in the industry – lasting two and a half hours. It charges via USB-C and has a supercharge feature that can deliver an 80% charge in 40 minutes.

The Arc GTS has a 3500mAh battery which is good for about 90 minutes of use. The Arc GTS has a default power-saving mode, which means it’ll shut itself off after 10 minutes of inactivity. The GTS charges from 0 in about an hour via micro-USB.

Obviously, the Mighty+ (plus) is the clear winner here, it has a better battery life and USB-C Charging. Zeus Arsenal really disappoints by having a micro-USB charger on what is considered a “high-tech” flagship vaporizer.

Mighty+ (Plus) vs. Zeus Arc GTS Hub Differences

Large, Rugged, and Utilitarian

The Mighty+ (plus) is an iconic device with an iconic design and there’s really no better way to describe it other than as Rugged and Utilitarian. Most of its device body is covered in an ingenious and highly functional finned design that keeps the entire device very cool to the touch. While plastic is usually frowned upon in vaporizers, both the Mighty +and its little brother, the Crafty +, are made from a medical-grade, advanced biomaterial called PEEK.

The cooling unit and swiveling mouthpiece sit on top of the device, and this sits right above three (3) columns: two batteries on either side and the hybrid heating chamber in the center. The bottom half of the device houses the larger-than-usual LED screen and two orange (and very tactile) triangular temperature buttons. The Mighty+ is one of the largest portables on the market – it definitely isn’t one to fit in any pocket, but it might fit a small or medium-sized bag.

Minimal and Portable

All Zeus devices are designed the exact same way – a box-style and constructed out of a hard shell anodized aluminum. The aluminum shell definitely feels dense when the device is in your hand. It’s also a lot more scratch and dent resistant than the usual medical-grade plastic or sandblasted aluminum seen on other devices. The Arc GTS has a rectangular body with flat sides, a slight center curve and a matte black finish, and gold “GTS” lettering on the side- which adds to the overall premium look of a simply designed device.

The Arc GTS is only 3.5 inches tall and 1.6 inches wide – which definitely makes it very portable and concealable in your hand. Just like most small devices, the GTS has a single button (located at the top, adjacent to the mouthpiece) and has no display. Instead, there are 3 horizontal LED strips that indicate the current device status and current battery level. The lights are an intuitive enough visual cue since the number of lights indicates the cycle that’s currently active. The Arc GTS also features haptic feedback, so it vibrates whenever heating is complete.

Onboard Controls and Precise Temperature Control

The Mighty+ has analog controls and a digital display so you have precise temperature control. The well-sized display makes it easy to see everything that’s going on in the device, from the battery level to the current heating temperature. Below the LED display is the Mighty+ logo, in bright S&B signature orange

Flanking the screen are two large orange buttons – controlling the variable temperature. On one side of the device is a single rounded button for power and to activate the super-boost mode.

Cooling Unit

One of the most interesting features of the Mighty+ (Plus) is the Cooling Unit. A product of great engineering, the cooling unit is essentially a lengthy vapor path within a small space. Hot air travels up from the chamber and is directed through the maze-like path in the unit before it goes through the mouthpiece – resulting in perfectly cooled, excellent tasting vapor.

GTS Mouthpiece

The Arc GTS’ top lid/mouthpiece sits flush at the top of the device and is fully removable to expose the gold heatsink. It’s secured by strong magnets and is made of medical-grade plastic instead of the former silicone (on the GT). This plastic is also heat-resistant, which is great for when you’re cranking it up to the highest temperature level.

Though the plastic does resist heat better than its predecessor, it is somewhat more prone to scratches, especially when used with the included pick. The mouthpiece vapor path is removable and has also been moved to optimize surface area – which makes it possible for the Arc GTS to deliver vapor with a better flavor profile than the original GT.

Medical (UL & TÜV) Certification

The Mighty+ (plus) is currently the only portable that is (TÜV) certified for medical use and the first-ever vaporizer to carry the UL logo. The Mighty+ conforms to UL8139, which guarantees the safety of the battery, charging, electrical, and heating components.

S&B Hybrid Heating

S&B’s invention of the hybrid heating system catapulted the brand to the top. Hybrid heating is the simultaneous operation of conduction and convection heating –  to get the most out of your ground material and produce the best results. Since then, hybrid heating has been adopted on to several newer devices – yet none have so far matched S&B’s.

Vapor Quality: As the brand’s flagship portable, of course, the Mighty+ (Plus) delivers the best vapor quality of any vaporizer. The vapor is only lightly dense, potent, flavorful, and perfectly cooled. Regardless of wherever you are in the Mighty+’s 104°F – 410°F temperature range, you’re assured of consistent results.

Gold Heatsink and Convection Heating

Other than the hub, the star feature of the GTS is definitely its gold heatsink and vapor path- and if you think it’s just a marketing ploy, think again. The gold-lined parts of the Arc GTS allow for the rapid heating of your material, but a near-instant cooldown of the vapor.

Vapor Quality: The Arc GTS whether used with the pods or the conventional way – delivers terpene heavy, rightfully dense, and balanced vapor. This vapor quality is pretty impressive especially when you consider that the Arc GTS is a conduction vaporizer with a flat mouthpiece – a combination that rarely results in vapor this good.

The temperature cycles on the Arc are also an interesting shift from the usual pre-set settings we see on most devices. Basically, the cycles allow you to use the same load at different times or you can opt to have a long session in one go.

Bottom Line

Clearly, these two appeal to very different users, but what they do share is that they’re both compatible (and come with) several accessories. Being able to use pre-filled pods makes loading so easy, especially on the go. 

The Mighty+ is the king of the hill for a reason – it’s a large device with loads of power and S&B’s hybrid heating. It’s also definitely more to it, and a bit of a learning curve – but it definitely delivers a top-tier experience each time. The Zeus Arc GTS with the Hub, and single button operation – is definitely more beginner-friendly. The vapor is the best in its class and great for its size – also having a vape that’s got gold in it, is pretty cool. 

If you’re in the market for a powerhouse – no questions asked, the Mighty+ is the one. It’s been at the top of our list of the best dry herb vaporizers since its release and it's a device that’s bound to deliver excellence for years to come.  

Mighty vs. Zeus Arc GTS

Mighty+ (Plus)
Zeus Arc GTS
3 Years
3 Years
Release Date
Sep 2021
Nov 2021
Compatible With
Dry Herb
Dry Herb
Body Material
Mouthpiece Material
Heating Method
Heat Up Time
Precise Temp Control
Temp Range
Oven Capacity
Oven Material
Sessions Per Charge
Battery Type
Battery Capacity
Charger Type
Charge Time
1-2 Hours
1-2 Hours
Display Type
LED Indicators
Smartphone App
Vibration Notifications
Adjustable Airflow

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