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The Switch is currently on the frontlines of vaping technology and it’s anything but subtle – constructed with premium materials and sporting a loud and flashy design. The Switch is a show stopper. It is everything you would expect if you decided to shell out $400 on a single device. It features cutting-edge induction heating with dual compatibility (Extracts + Dry Herb). The resulting vapor is rich, flavorful, and well worth its price tag. It is easily the best Dab rig of this year.

News & updates

Since the release of the Dr Dabber XS in June 2021, Dr Dabber has released a new vaporizer:

  • The XS Khalifa Kush was introduced in Jul 2023 as an update to Dr Dabber XS.



Dr Dabber Switch Review

The vaporizer market is a dynamic space that’s constantly evolving and building on the way dry herb or concentrates can be enjoyed to their fullest. Soon after conduction units became popular, convection came right in. Vaporizing material with hot air instead of hot surfaces made convection vaporizers the new option to improve flavor and resulting vapor. While convection is considered the “better” option vs. conduction- manufacturers are still on the hunt for the “best heating method” – and this is where induction heating comes in.

Induction heating is an advanced heating method that uses electromagnets to heat up coils, inside of which is a receptacle that holds the wax. The main advantages of this method are that it heats up fast, accurately, and the whole process is done without oxygen involved- preventing the combustion and oxidation of your product of choice

The Dr Dabber Switch (visit store) is one of the few vaporizers on the market today that uses this new technology – and it's a handheld dab rig that’s also compatible with dry herb. Handheld dab rigs are extract vapes that can be held in your hand like a bong but which provide an intense extract vaping experience. Currently, the only handheld dab rigs are the Puffco Peak (review) and the Focus V Carta.

Compatibility: The Dr. Dabber Switch is compatible with dry Cannabis herb and THC/CBD Wax, Shatter, Honey, and other solid-type concentrates. I used my device with CBD dab from Steve’s Goods and CBD herb from InHemp.

Kit and Accessories

Dr Dabber Switch accessories

At $159, the Switch is definitely one of the more expensive vaporizers around. So it makes sense that the device comes with a hefty kit to match its price tag. The Switch comes in a large box and contains the following:

  • Dr Dabber Switch
  • Glass bubbler
  • One black + one white ceramic induction cup
  • Dab tool/carb cap
  • Silicone wax container
  • Tweezers + ceramic flower filter

Optional Accessories

Dr. Dabber Switch Glass Mouthpiece

Everything in the Switch’s kit is replaceable and is available on the Dr. Dabber website. There’s also a multitude of optional add-ons that are available to purchase, such as; brand new bubblers, carb caps, and bubbler bases if you’re looking to get creative with your device. Our coupon code TVG15 takes 15% off your total bill, site-wide.

Design and Features

Dr. Dabber Switch interface

While most products lean towards minimalism with clean lines and sleek, subtle curves- the Switch takes the road less taken and is more loud and flashy (in the best way). The main device is characterized by the deep center curve that lends itself well to its size and makes it an ergonomic piece to pick up. These curves are essential to the grip, especially when you consider its massive size of 10 inches or 13 inches with the bubbler attached.

The many heating modes are indicated via the 5 LED lights and are all controlled via a main button and two temperature control buttons at the front of the device. If it seems like a lot of functionality for just a few lights and buttons – that’s cause it is. The interface makes figuring out the advanced features a little tricky. But despite the slight learning curve, figuring out these features is definitely worth it. You can access twenty-five different power settings as well as various light shows from the light beneath the frosted glass on the top of the unit.

In contrast, picking up the basic functions is relatively easy, though one complication is that you need the included tweezers in order to put the induction cups—i.e. the nails—inside of the electromagnetic coils. So, make sure you don’t lose them.


Dr Dabber Switch Battery

One of the major benefits of induction heating is that it's extremely efficient which is why I don’t doubt the listed 150 hits that’s possible from a single charge.

The device charges via a proprietary charger in a record 60 minutes and also features pass-through charging, meaning you can use the device while it’s plugged in. In the off-chance that the battery does fail, a replacement is available for purchase on the Dr. Dabber website.

Temperature Flexibility

Dr Dabber Switch Power Setting

The Switch heats to temperatures that range from 300°F to 800+°F, and obviously there’s a pretty wide margin between those two points. While the Switch doesn’t let you dial in your desired temp to the degree-the 25 presets are certainly more than enough

The lack of a digital display might be off-putting, considering the gap but the 5 LEDs on the device do a fine job at indicating which setting you’re at. The LEDs show various colors that signal different temperatures associated with each one – it’s not something thats tough to learn, it simply just takes time.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Dr Dabber Switch How to Use

The Switch isn’t difficult to clean, but it is a lengthy process since the device has several pieces. The device itself, induction cups, filters, and glass attachments can be cleaned simply with cotton swabs soaked in isopropyl alcohol.

If there’s any stubborn residue on the induction cups, you can opt to clean them through a self cleaning cycle. Set the Switch to the highest setting by holding down the (+) button and once the maximum temperature has been reached, continue holding down the button for another five seconds. This will initiate the self-cleaning cycle, which can be stopped at any time by pressing the power button. Note that this cycle works only for the ceramic nail and not on optional quartz nail.

How to Use

With wax and other solid-type concentrates

Dr Dabber Switch E-rig Review
  1. Set the power switch to the oil setting.
  2. Fill the glass bubbler with a few ounces of water then securely attach it to the glass top of the unit.
  3. Use the plus and minus buttons to choose your desired power setting.
  4. Place one of the ceramic nails inside of the coils using the included tweezers.
  5. Scoop up a rice grain sized amount of wax using the dab tool and then press the Go button to start the heating process.
  6. Dab the wax into the nail, cover it with the carb cap/dab tool and inhale from the mouthpiece.

With Dry Herb

  1. Flip the power switch to leaf mode.
  2. Place a few ounces of water in the glass bubbler and then attach it to the top of the unit.
  3. Choose your power setting using the plus and minus buttons.
  4. Firmly pack one of the ceramic nails with dry herb and place it in the glass receptacle on top of the unit using the tweezers.
  5. Cover the ceramic nail with the ceramic flower filter and press the Go button.
  6. Inhale from the mouthpiece once the desired power setting is reached.

Performance and Vapor Quality

Dr Dabber Switch Light Show

The Dr Dabber Switch’s performance is a show on the speed, precision and effectiveness of induction heating. The patent-pending induction technology allows the device to heat to any temperature from 300°F to 800+°F in a record 3-4 seconds. That’s leagues faster than any of the convection or conduction vaporizers today. The heating setup also makes the separation of the electronics and the heating element possible, meaning there’s no way for mechanical failure to occur due to leakage.

When using the Switch with wax and other solids, the resulting vapor is top-tier and very flavor-forward- even on the lower, flavor-optimized settings. The aroma is exceptional yet not overpowering. On the higher settings, you get thicker, heavier vapor that’s only slightly less flavorful and never as hot as one would expect. The included bubbler does a great job of filtering and further cooling the resulting vapor no matter the temperature you choose.

With dry herb, it’s a different experience entirely- and it's bound to be one that’s going to get mixed reviews. The word I would use is “okay”- which means it wasn’t as impressive as the results with dab and is no match for the best dry herb vaporizers. It’s not an extreme disappointment, but I’d recommend sticking with dab on the Switch.


Dr. Dabber Switch Selection

The Dr. Dabber Switch is a premium device that’s definitely something to be prized and awed- the use of cutting-edge induction heating technology is impressive and the very long battery life makes this device well worth the price tag. The device’s build quality is also top-tier, the Switch and all its accessories are constructed with high-quality materials and glass that’s relatively thicker than most. While it does perform better with dabs and is less impactful when used with dry herb, it still sits at the top of its class. If you have the $400 to spare- this device is worth the spend. If you’re looking for something that’s more in the affordable luxury range- check out our guide for the best dab/wax vape pens of this 2024.


General Specs

  • Compatible: Wax
  • Released Date: Jun 2021
  • Body Material: Plastic
  • Smartphone App: No
  • Vibration Notification: No
  • Adjustable Airflow: No
  • Mouthpiece Material: Glass
  • Display Type: LED Indicators
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Heating Element

  • Coil Type: Ceramic
  • Temperature Settings: 300-800°F
  • Heat up Time: 2-5


  • Charger Type: Proprietary
  • Battery Type: Internal
  • Battery Capacity: 3000mAh
  • Sesh Per Charge: 20-30 Minutes Sessions


  • Overall Score: 4.6/5

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