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The Crystal 2 is a high-end, durable Dab Pen. The “Coilless” quartz bowl and the glass mouthpiece produce flavorful vapor that remains pure and tasty throughout the entire session. It also has adjustable airflow and a large (1200mAh) battery that outlasts “thinner” pens. The Crystal is simple enough for beginners and powerful enough for advanced users, making it the best wax pen of 2023.


The original Crystal was released in late 2018 and has been one of the top-selling dab pens around thanks to its simple and straightforward design. In November 2020, KandyPens has introduced this improved version called the Crystal 2.  

It keeps the predecessor's strong qualities and improves a few aspects such as- stronger battery, adjustable airflow, and a redesigned atomizer. 

The Crystal 2 retails from KandyPens (visit store) for $150, which is higher on the price spectrum. Still, when you factor in a lifetime warranty on the whole unit (including the coil), you get a pretty good value. Our coupon code of TVG25 will save 25% and bring the cost to around $113.  

It is compatible with THC or CBD Wax, shatter, honey, and other types of solid extracts. I've used Steve's Goods CBD Extracts for this review, which is available to ship anywhere in the US. 


The Crystal 2 doesn't deviate too much from the standard vape pen design, though it is a little thicker than most Wax/ Dab pens.

The Crystal is made from stainless steel, so it's pretty tough, plus it has a nice heft to it that you don't get in other vape pens. It feels dense and solid while bolding and using it. The Crystal might not have the flash of some of KandyPens' other vape pens, lt it is still a good-looking, intuitive device.

It has three main components- the battery, the coil, and the mouthpiece. 

The Battery

The battery has been improved from 900mAh in the previous version to 1200mAh with the Crystal 2.

 It has a one-button interface that can toggle the four voltage settings. There are four LED lights and the iconic “K” logo under the button, which lights up and indicates the current-voltage setting. 

The Coil

The coil is a bucket style Quartz coil with a wide opening that makes it easy to load. 

Most vape pens use a heating element that sits inside the coil and comes in direct contact with the extracts in the bowl. The Crystal 2 uses a superior design, where the heating element sits under the Quartz bucket. So it never comes in direct contact with the extracts. It heats the quartz bowl, which heats the wax. 

The coil also has an adjustable airflow ring, which controls the amount of air coming into the coil, therefore varying the draw's intensity. 

The mouthpiece 

The mouthpiece is made of only two materials- glass and stainless steel. Unlike other wax pens, there are no plastic or silicone seals that may contaminate the flavor and affect its purity. 

A glass mouthpiece is always preferable over plastic, but the obvious downside is that it is breakable. Thankfully, there is a spare mouthpiece in the kit, which is nice of KandyPens to include. 

KandyPens Crystal Instructions 

  1. Press the power button five times to unlock. The LED lights will flash to signal that the pen is ready for use.
  2. Press the power button three times to cycle through the voltage settings (Yellow is the lowest, Green, Red, Blue is highest)
  3. Remove the mouthpiece to reveal the quartz bowl.
  4. Dab your wax into the bowl. You should load a small amount, around a tenth of a gr at a time, which is less than, say, a grain of rice. Avoid overfilling as this may flood the chamber and affect performance.
  5. Place the mouthpiece back on top.  
  6. Then you have an option of two activation modes- manual and sesh mode:
    1. Press and hold the power button for manual heat mode. The heat will stop once you let go of the button. 
    2. To activate sesh mode, click the button twice, and it will heat continuously for about ten seconds, so there is no need to keep pressing the button as you inhale. Another press of the power button will end sesh mode instantly. 

Cleaning & Maintenance

The quartz bowl means that the Crystal 2 is pretty easy to clean. If there is any residue left over, then you can turn the Crystal to its highest setting to burn it off. However, this can wear down the battery and, eventually, the coil as well.

So, I recommend using an alcohol wipe to clean out the chamber and thread every 5-10 sessions. You can do it right after a session, while the bowl is still warm.

Performance & Vapor Quality

The stronger battery of the new version is clearly noticeable. It allows the coil to be faster, stronger, and more responsive. It heats up instantly and keeps a steady temperature in the bowl. 

As far as the vapor quality, the Crystal 2 shines real bright. The quartz bowl and the glass airpath are made from neutral materials that keep the vapor pure and preserve all the flavor notes. 

As I mentioned earlier, there is no plastic or silicone in the airpath, which is very important if you want to get clean, pure, flavorful vapor. 

Of course, flavor always depends on the extracts you use. I've used it with CBD extracts from Steve Goods, and I was able to taste the subtle flavor notes of each extract I used it with. 

The sweet spot between flavor and intensity were the two middle settings- Green and Red. If you crank the Crystal to its highest setting, you can get an intense “rig-like” experience, but be prepared to sacrifice flavor as a result. Also, the mouthpiece may get warm if you don't allow it enough time to cool down.

Adjustable Airflow

The Airflow dial works a bit counter-intuitively. You may think that if you open it up and allow more air to go through the bowl, you will get more vapor. But the opposite is correct. 

Think of it like that- the coil heats up and produces a certain amount of vapor. Now the more air you let in, the more diluted this vapor will be. If you close the ring and allow less air, the vapor is denser and more potent. 

Adjustable airflow is an unusual feature to find in dab pens, but it makes perfect sense, and allows a greater degree of customization. 

Playing with the adjustable airflow and temperature settings, the Crystal 2 can supply a spectrum of intensity levels and different flavor profiles. 

Bottom line

All in all, the Crystal 2 positions itself as one of the best dab pens you can buy in 2023. It is simple enough for beginners yet powerful enough for advanced users. Dabbing has never been more straightforward and accessible.

The Airpath is completely free of glues, dies, silicone rings, or seals that may affect the purity of the vapor. The Quartz bowl, Stainless steel shell, and glass mouthpiece work in concert to provide the most flavorful vapor I tested from a vape pen lately.


General Specs

  • Compatible: Wax|Dab
  • Released Date: Oct 2020
  • Body Material: Stainless Steel
  • Smartphone App: No
  • Vibration Notification: Yes
  • Adjustable Airflow: Yes
  • Mouthpiece Material: Glass
  • Display Type: LED Indicators
  • Warranty: Lifetime

Heating Element

  • Oven Material: Quartz
  • 510 Thread: No
  • Coil Type: Quartz
  • Temperature Settings: 4 Levels
  • Heat up Time: 2-5


  • Charger Type: Micro-USB
  • Battery Type: Internal
  • Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
  • Sesh Per Charge: 6-9 Sessions


  • Overall Score: 4.9/5

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