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SharpStone grinders are incredibly affordable grinders that bring your herb to a consistency that’ll do well with any vaporizer. At its price, it’s a tough one to beat and the build quality is near-similar to even the most $$$ devices- however, it does require more cleaning than necessary.


Choosing a grinder is an in-depth and methodical process that’s probably just as important as picking your dry herb vaporizer. Rightfully so, there are hundreds of grinder options- all made from several materials, and occupy a price range that goes from $0-$$$. All these grinders on the market promise to finely grind and help get the most out of your herb, but only a select few truly do.

SharpStone Grinders (view on Amazon) is a US-based manufacturer that makes grinders in different sizes and models. The brand is fairly well known for making quality pieces with near-premium features at affordable prices. For this review, I’m using the SharpStone clear-top grinder which features a clear, see-through lid so you can see your herbs being ground by the 46 diamond-shaped teeth. All SharpStone grinders are made out of CNC milled aircraft-grade aluminum and the lids are sealed with strong rare earth magnets.

Design and Build Quality

SharpStone Grinders Design and Features

Shopping for SharpStone Grinders might take you a bit longer than usual since the brand carries such a wide range of models. From the usual 2pc and 4pc models, clear tops, and even a vibrating grinder that aims to help collect more kief. There’s also such a myriad of colors and finishes to look through. While other brands have a more limited inventory- SharpStone goes all out.

Made with a material known for its durability-CNC milled anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. CNC milling transforms the aluminum blocks into perfectly symmetrical pieces.) So you’re near guaranteed that this grinder will last you a good few years. At only 2.5 inches tall and weighing 5 ounces, this grinder is quite light.

The magnetic lid fits perfectly on top of the grinder and seals perfectly to prevent spillage as you grind, even if you place the grinder upside down. Beneath the top lid is a friction-reducing poly ring- which makes the grinding action pretty smooth, even during those first few turns. Underneath the hood are the 46-diamond shaped teeth that are (as the brand name suggests) very sharp. It might be best to exercise a bit of caution since these teeth can probably cut you. The collection chamber is floored by the kief catcher which is made from stainless steel micro-mesh, which is rust-proof, so it won’t oxidize and contaminate the pollen.  

Performance and Ease of Use

SharpStone Grinders Clear Top

I placed about a gram of CBD herb from InHemp into my clear top, and the resulting grind was definitely above average. There were a few uneven sizes here and there, but it’s negligible. The smoothness of the grinding action is pretty close to that of more expensive grinders like the SLX (review). But since the poly ring is made of plastic, resin from the herb can accumulate and restrict the twisting motion, which will eventually make grinding more difficult.

The kief catcher also does a great job of filtering the strong trichomes and letting them settle on the bottom chamber. Since SharpStone Grinders don’t have a non-stick coating, you’ll probably have to clean this grinder more often than usual. Thankfully, all you need is a q-tip and ISO alcohol.

Bottom Line

SharpStone Grinders Performance

The consistency of the herb will definitely work well with any vaporizer, from portables like the Arizer Solo 2 (review) or even for desktops like the Volcano Hybrid (review). Making SharpStone Grinders a great brand to consider especially if you’re looking for a second, more portable grinder. Priced at only $35, you probably won’t find another grinder that does this good of a job for this cheap. But if you’re looking to invest in something more premium, check out our best herb grinders page for the best of this year.


General Specs

  • Compatible: Dry Herb
  • Released Date: Jul 2021
  • Body Material: Aluminum

Heating Element


  • Battery Capacity: mAh


  • Overall Score: 4.1/5

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MSRP $35
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