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The SLX was already the best grinder around, and the V2.5 (Released early 2020) makes it even better. It retains all the positives of the original while improving the build quality. It has a smooth grinding action that does not require any effort, it grinds the herbs to a perfectly fluffy consistency, and it never needs to be cleaned. So, regardless of which kind of vaporizer you have, the SLX will be the perfect companion for it.


SLX BFG88 Grinder Review

Well-ground herb is one of the cornerstones of a great dry herb vaporizing experience. And when you really think about it, all grinders follow the same functional principles- but they definitely aren’t equal. There’s a bewildering range of grinders on the market that vary across a variety of different shapes, sizes, and several kinds of material. 

Vermont-based manufacturer SLX (visit store) understands the many variables at play to get the perfect result; consistently well-ground high-quality dry herb. A good grinder is a must-have tool that should last you a lifetime (and then some), and grind your herb just as well as it first did, even months into use. SLX Grinders are also completely maintenance-free, the proprietary ceramic coating on each of their grinders was made to make sure nothing sticks and stays.

SLX’s dedication to build quality is evident in the models they’ve released; the SLX 2.5 (available in small and large size) and the huge SLX BFG 88 (which stands for- Big Fucking Grinder 88mm). The first SLX grinder that was released in 2018 (which is no longer available on their website) had already blown us away and had us raising our grinder standards, but these two models have set that bar much higher and right now, I might even say that SLX grinders are, in fact- perfect. 

Availability: The SLX BFG 88 and SLX v2.5 are both available directly from Amazon or from Vape-Smart (use the code TVG10 for 10% off your purchase).

The importance of a good grinder in vaping

SLX Grinder v2.5

A good grinder matters in vaping because it breaks down the herb and increases its surface area. The increased surface area creates better airflow within the vaporizer and allows the heating process to happen more efficiently. This even distribution of heat also improves flavor quality and vapor production, which makes the overall vaping experience much better.

The high that you get from well-ground herb is also more potent because it facilitates the release of the terpenes and cannabinoids present in the herb. 

Design and Features

SLX BFG88 non-stick grinder

If we’re judging based on looks alone, the SLX v2.5 and SLX BFG 88 are sleek, simple, and don’t deviate much from the way most 4-piece grinders generally look. But SLX definitely made sure that the details, quality, and materials set their products at a class above the rest. 

The type of material that a grinder is made of is key. Low-quality grinders are sometimes made with plastic and coated with paint- those two things are not what you want mixing with your herb at all. This is why all SLX grinders are machined from 7075 T6 aluminum. This material is not just safe – but exceptionally strong. SLX also seems to demand nothing but precision in the manufacturing process, with each cut and serration perfectly placed to ensure your grip even while the product is in use. 

Each grinder is also secured by neodymium magnets- so there’s never any chance of it popping open and spilling. 

SLX v2.5 Large

Patented Non – Stick Ceramic Coating

A general complaint with lower quality grinders is that they tend to get sticky over time and eventually all the good stuff accumulates on the threads and chamber of your grinder. This makes the grinding action tougher and honestly, it’s a damn waste of good herb that you could be benefiting from.

This is why each SLX grinder – including its 55 trapezoidal teeth is coated with a patented non-stick, non-toxic, and low friction ceramic coating. This coating is the foundational feature of SLX’s premier grinders. Other than making it possible for you to never have to clean your grinder, the non-stick coating ensures that the terpenes and trichomes that give your herb its flavors, potency, and overall effects; remain on your herb. 

SLX BFG 88mm

SLX BFG 88mm grinder

SLX released the SLX BFG 88 in early 2021. BFG stands for “Big Fucking Grinder 88mm” and is priced at $129. It’s exactly the same in form and function as the SLX v2.5  (which comes in 51mm or 61mm sizes). 

It’s hard not to notice that this grinder is fucking huge. At 88mm, it’s roughly the size of the average palm. A far cry from the usual grinder I’m used to gripping with my fingers. It holds about 5g of dry herb (with room to spare) and that’s about triple the capacity of the regular SLX. 

SLX BFG 88mm

Smaller grinders usually mean having to position your fingers in a slightly awkward manner, and there’s a slightly limited range of motion that comes with that. Bigger grinders are definitely easier to grip and turn, and this size coupled with the ceramic coating makes for the smoothest grinding action I’ve ever experienced with a grinder.

The first time I took the SLX BFG 88mm out of the box, I definitely thought that I wouldn’t have a use for a grinder of this size, but after using it regularly for a few months – it’s now my go-to grinder. The size of the resulting herb is consistent regardless of whether I fill it to its brim or not. 


SLX v2.5 Dry herb

The SLX will perfectly grind down your herb to the perfect consistency no matter what strain of herb you use with it. You never have to use too much force when you grind because the motion is easy, smooth, and nearly frictionless. That means the SLX is the perfect accessory for every kind of vaporizer regardless of how much it costs.

The grind is perfectly consistent too, so every time you use the SLX, you can be assured that the grind will be the same as the last time you used the SLX. The improvements do make a difference, but only long-time users of the original SLX are likely to notice them.

Bottom Line

SLX BFG 88mm & Crafty+

You need a good grinder- that is definitely a fact and ​the SLX is easily the best manual grinder that money can buy. That is because it has a smooth grinding action that does not require any effort, it grinds the herbs to a perfectly fluffy consistency every time you use it, and it never ever needs to be cleaned.

Regardless of how good your vaporizer is, whether it’s at the top of the line like the Crafty+ (review) | Mighty+ (review) or even a mid-tier vaporizer like the K-Vape Pro (review), you need properly ground herbs to really get the most out of the device and have a great experience. There’s no better companion to any dry herb vaporizer than the SLX. 

The only question here is if you need to get the SLX BFG 88mm if you already have the SLX v2.5. I’d say that if you find yourself needing to repeatedly grind a larger amount of herb, then maybe it’s time to consider needing a big grinder since it does the job both ways. But again, they’re the same in form and function.


General Specs

  • Compatible: Dry Herb
  • Released Date: Dec 2019
  • Body Material: Aluminum

Heating Element



  • Overall Score: 4.9/5

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