E-cigarettes are big business these days, and the same goes for oil vaporizers. Both are popular for pretty much the same reasons, they are easy to use, discreet, and highly portable. So, if you’re interested in any of them, then you’ll want to know what devices are the best in each category and how they compare to each other. That’s what this post is all about. We’ll take a closer look at three of the best portable vapes out there, the KandyPens Rubi, Pax Era, and Juul to determine which one is the best value for your money.

Substance Compatibility

The KandyPens Rubi has an open pod system, which means that it has a refillable pod that can be filled with a variety of different types of e-liquid. That includes regular e-liquids as well as the more potent nicotine salts. It can even use oil extracts in addition to e-liquids. The Pax Era (View on Pax website) and Juul are closed pod systems, which means that they use proprietary, disposable pods that cannot be refilled. The Era is strictly an oil vaporizer while the Juul only uses nicotine salts. The sheer versatility of the Rubi compared to the other two products makes it the leader in this category.

Ease of Use

All of these devices are pretty easy to use, which is one of the reasons why they are so appealing to many. However, the Era and Juul are a little easier to use because they use disposable, pre-filled pods that easily slot into their batteries. You don’t need to worry about refilling the pods, you just throw them away once they’re empty. The open design of the Rubi’s pod means that refilling it is necessary. That can be a delicate, finicky procedure and is not nearly as quick as simply attaching it to the battery. All three devices are draw-activated, so actually using them is intuitive and effortless.

Battery Life

The last thing you want is one of these devices dying unexpectedly on you, which is why battery life is so important. The Rubi is the clear winner here as its battery capacity is the largest of the three. It has a 280 mAh battery while the Era has a 240 mAh battery and the Juul has a 200 mAh one. That means the Rubi gives you about 250 puffs per charge compared to about 200 for the other two devices.  The only slight downside to the Rubi’s superior battery is that it takes longer to charge than the others. The Juul and the Era take about an hour or less to charge while the Rubi takes about eighty minutes. One advantage the Rubi and the Era have over the Juul is that they both use standard micro-USB chargers that you can buy anywhere. The Juul uses a proprietary charger, which means that getting a replacement for it can be a hassle.

Final Thoughts

All three devices are among the best in their category, but the Rubi is the clear winner here. It is the most versatile of the three and it has the largest battery capacity. The only negative is that its refillable pod isn’t as convenient to use as the disposable pods found in the other devices. However, that is a small price to pay when you consider all the other advantages the Rubi has over its rivals.