Solo 3 VS Tinymight 2

Solo 3 VS Tinymight 2 Snapshot

Arizer Solo 3
Tinymight 2
2 Years
10 Years
Release Date
Apr 2024
Jul 2022
Compatible With
Dry Herb, Aromatherapy
Dry Herb
Body Material
Mouthpiece Material
Heating Method
80% Convection / 20% Conduction
Heat Up Time
15 Seconds
2-5 Seconds
Precise Temp Control
Temp Range
Oven Capacity
0.5 gr
0.15gr gr
Oven Material
Sessions Per Charge
Battery Type
Battery Capacity
Charger Type
Charge Time
3-4 Hours
1-2 Hours
Display Type
Smartphone App
Vibration Notifications
Adjustable Airflow

Solo 3 VS Tinymight 2 Pricing

Authorized Dealers

MSRP $344

Authorized Dealers

MSRP $349

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Tinymight 2:

  • Tinymight 2 is available on POTV

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How to access each mode

When you turn on the Solo 3, you are greeted with two options- Session mode or On-demand mode. You can also click and hold the left button to get back to this screen at any point. 

Let's break down each of these modes: 

Session mode

Session mode allows you to set the temperature precisely, and it takes around 15 seconds to heat up. Once the temperature reaches the set value, it remains constant for the entire session, which by default is ten minutes. During these ten minutes, the heat remains active, and the herb keeps “baking.” You have the option to set the session duration between 5 and 20 minutes. 

There is no waiting time between inhales, and the vape is ready for immediate use throughout the session. Once the session ends, the herb is cashed and should be disposed of.

To go back to the mode selection screen, I'll hold the left button.

On-demand mode

On-demand mode displays a progress bar, and once you click the main button, the vape starts heating up and the bars turn orange. It beeps to let you know it's ready to vape, and then you have ten seconds to inhale. As you inhale, the bars gradually retreat and turn white. When it reaches the bottom and beeps, heat is no longer applied to the herb. 

1. ready for heat-up 2. heating up 3. ready to inhale 4. keep inhaling 5. heat is off

Unlike Session mode, the herb doesn't “bake” in between inhales. Instead, it is heated only during the pre-heat window and the draw duration. Each inhale is its own independent “mini session,” so one bowl can be split into multiple mini-sessions. The draw duration is ten seconds by default, but it can be adjusted between 5 and 25 seconds. 

Arizer Solo 3 Dry Herb Vaporizer - Interface design

On-demand mode is ideal for quick, direct hits. You can take a hit and return later to take another one. The herb will mostly be preserved, especially compared to Session mode. This mode is suitable for microdosing or for when you don't have time for a full session. 

However, this mode can also get intense. If you have the lungs for it, you can bump it to the highest temperature and probably inhale an entire XL stem in one 25-second hit. This is also the mode to use with a water bubbler.

Double-clicking the main button will take you to the heat level selection, where you have five options between 356°F and 428°F. These are non-customizable presets, so you can not change them. You can always see which preset is currently active at the bottom of the display. 

I usually use it in the middle setting, and with the XL stem, I get about 2-5 good hits, depending on my temperature, draw speed, and draw duration.

Solo 3 VS. Tinymight 2

Until now, the king of on-demand portables was the Tinymight 2. This vape costs $350, is made in Finland, and while it's not exactly an “artisan vape” it's also not exactly “mass-produced.”  

The TM2 is smaller than the Solo 3, and it has a similar usage process where the herb is loaded into a glass stem. The stem is contained inside the body of the TM2, unlike the Arizer, which completely sticks out. 

The TM2 uses a stem that has a cooling unit, while the Arizer uses only glass. This makes the Solo 3 easier to clean as well, as you don't have a cooling unit to mess with. 

The Tinymight 2 has no screen or display, and the temperature selection is done by a dial at the bottom of the device. The Arizer has a multi-color screen and offers a lot more customization options.

The TM2 is a great device but doesn't have the right price-to-performance ratio to become mainstream.  

The On-demand performance of the Solo 3 is better, in my opinion, and also more consistent and easier to master. It just doesn't have the learning curve that the TM2 has. 

As far as hit intensity, the TM2 might be a slightly heavier hitter. To be honest, I'm not one of those who cranks vapes up to the max temps and is looking to rip the hell out of each bowl. I'm more of a chilled, slow user, so I typically vape on session mode, around 380°F, while working, playing, or watching Vape Reviews on YouTube

The TM2 has a great hit, for sure, but for 99% of people, the Solo 3 is the better choice. If you use the small stem on the highest on-demand setting, it'll rip just as well as the TM2. 

Bottom line

Which mode you choose to use with the Solo 3 is really a personal preference or whatever the situation calls for. Regardless, I can't stress how groundbreaking it is to have both modes available on the same device. 

Arizer continues its legacy with the Solo 3, just when it seemed as if they were slow to innovate with very minor changes from the Solo 2 to the Solo 2 MAX. However, from the 2 MAX to the Solo 3, the improvements are groundbreaking. 

Solo 3 VS Tinymight 2